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How to buy QLINK aka QLC

Comprehensive guide on understanding what is QLINK, Its purpose and how to buy QLC token from KuCoin.

An Introduction to QLINK

I think it’s important to understand at least the very basics of what you’re purchasing, so this and all future articles will include a short introduction to get you started.

Qlink aims to build the world’s first decentralized mobile network, which will extend network coverage, reduce the cost of telecom infrastructures, and reward users for sharing unused network assets. By utilizing blockchain technology, Qlink applies digital identities to telecom assets, repackages those assets, and records the usage footprint of each asset to a distributed ledger. Additionally, Qlink aims to launch applications designed to allow peer-to-peer sharing of assets, including WiFi, mobile data access, and enterprise-to-peer SMS.

How to Buy QLINK

Buy Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase. You can use one of the following guides to buy them. If you already have Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can skip this step.

Once you’ve Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can head to KuCoin where QLC is listed and available to trade.

  • Register yourself on KuCoin — It’s a cool exchange with really nice user interface and usable too without throwing cluttered stuff onto your face.
  • It’s important to save your recovery key while setting up 2 factor authentication. Incase your phone is lost or you change your phone — you need this key to get the Google Authenticator working properly.
  • Once you login with username, password and 2FA — you get to the assets screen — if not click on “Assets” on top menu bar.

You can find your KuCoin ETH wallet address by logging in, and clicking on Assets in the top navigation bar. Then click on Deposit, and select ETH from the list (note, there is also a ETF that has a similar symbol. DO NOT send ETH funds to that address as they will likely be lost). This will load your KuCoin Ethereum address. Copy this, and then open up your Coinbase account.

  • After you click Assets, select Deposit from the side menu item as shown below
  • On Deposit screen, you will have a dropdown to select an asset (Bitcoin or Ethereum or anything you’ve with you). Select Ethereum to see the Deposit address or Bitcoin to see the Bitcoin deposit address.
  • Use this wallet address to send your funds from Coinbase or any other exchange you have your Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • As you scroll down, you can see the deposit history for selected asset here as shown below
  • Once you see that your deposits are confirmed, you can scroll up to menu on top and click on Markets — which will show you different pairs you can trade QLC with.

If you have deposited Bitcoin to KuCoin, click on BTC tab and You’ll see QLC/BTC.

Don’t click on it — Follow the next steps for easy Buy/Sell

If you have deposited Ethereum to KuCoin, click on ETH tab and you can see QLC/ETH pair. Don’t click on it yet as you can Buy/Sell right from this screen itself.

Follow the below screenshot with comments inline to complete your purchase of QLC token before it hits other exchanges and becomes famous.

Once you have completed QLC purchase, you can go to Assets menu item on top and look at Active Orders or Dealt Orders to see your QLC tokens. If it’s in active orders, it means QLC is not bought yet — but an order has been placed — when ever it hits the price we’ve mentioned — it will be purchased automatically and moves to Dealt orders.

Awesome & Congrats

Yay! You’ve successfully made your purchase of QLC tokens on KuCoin Exchange.

KCS — KuCoin Shares is also an interesting concept and learn more about it from article below.

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