How to Build a Real-time App like SnapChat & Technical Stack of SnapChat Clone?

Develop an App like Snapchat

So, You are here to build an app just like Snapchat clone! Sounds like a Pretty Canny Idea! Isn’t it? Righto,

“Snapchat is Awesome!”

Nay! So you haven’t seen the incredible statistics of Snapchat. Some of its noteworthy facts:

  • Around 3.5 billions snaps are sent everyday.
  • Roughly it would take around 10 years to view all the photos shared in Snapchat. (wow)
  • Snapchat have around 187 million daily active users.
  • The Content views on Snapchat are compared with Facebook.

No wonder why Zuckerberg was keen on Snapchat to avail it on its own for $ 3 billion and later offer around $ 6 billion. Could you swallow the factor that Snapchat’s current estimation worth is reaching $ 22 billion?

So, finally, now you wonder building an Snapchat clone sounds a great idea! Now it’s time to be serious, what makes Snapchat perform so amazing?

The Sizeable technologies behind this Cool and Mind-boggling App:

  1. DEVELOPMENT LANGUAGE: Snapchat uses a wide range of languages to bring out the best of it. Bootstrap and Javascript are blindly used for front-end development. Many other development languages such as Python, Objective-C (iOS), Cocoa Touch and PHP are immensely used to build this popular Snapchat app.
  2. CLOUD HOSTING: Amazon Web service (Route 53, CloudFront) were used for hosting. Snapchat also uses Google Compute Engine to enhance the scalability automatically according to a number of users and manage the overall data storage temporarily.
  3. DATABASE MANAGEMENT: NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is used as a major database in order to handle a large volume of structured data in a flexible way and superior performance that leads to build this extensive Snapchat app.
  4. ANALYTICS: Google Analytics is being used to have effective analyzation over the website traffic and to collect data on content marketing efforts to streamline the behavior of the app in a real-time.
  5. MARKETING & SUPPORTIVE: Snapchat uses some of the top-tier marketing tools to enhance its market value on reaching the users. And also Zendesk Customer support tool for inquiring the clarification that arises among the users.

Now, it’s hallmark features that take part in aggrandizing this cool app

  1. LENSES:

This feature is specially meant for those who love to add real-time effects and videos with the use of face detection technology. Lens features have risen as the most welcoming feature among the snapchat users which enables to simulate the appearance of a video or photo.


One of the most appreciating and special graphical overlay that allows the user to avail on certain geographical location to mark their location (Eent, Place, destination) on the images.


A real-time functionality that enables the user to broadcast photo and video content as live stories. The story lasts for 24 hours from the time of posting such as Events, Moments. Discover is another surprising feature assists the user to explore more on different content ranging from journalist to sports.


This feature brings snapchat much closer to other apps like Whatsapp and Messenger which enables the user to collaborate through video calls and audio notes on a real-time basis.


A significant part of a modern chat application, where every conversation takes place at least a stickers which are designed in all form of illustration. Snapchat consist of more than 200 stickers and many stickers are yet to get incorporated.

The Real peek to the strategies of Snap’s Monetization


A Redesigned way called “Promoted Stories”. One of the latest ad format where brands run their ad in the form of video on the stories feed.


Brands advertise on Snapchat through the lenses features in their own customized lenses allowing to promote various brands and events.


This is one of the recent business monetization feature introduced by Snapchat. Recently partnered with Shazam and few sports organization to promote their sports events with lovely stories.


Snapchat launched its first in-app purchase leverage the chances to users in order to Replay to a feed such as a picture or a video that is already seen.


This kind of access assist the premium account holders to get try on new features and experience the overall lenses according to the customization.


The official launch of Advertising API is meant for everyone ranging from brand to developer to build their own software to automate the targeting of Snapchat’ ad and buying of sponsored filters.

Beyond all these astonishing features and technologies that contrived into such a cool app that drives millions of dollars is not simply developed with traditional codings. The Snapchat like applications deserves insightful skills that rise its value to this modern applications. These are the vital reasons on some actual questions like how to make a Snapchat clone or how to create snapchat like app?

Seize the Slot

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