How to Become a Great Developer in 2022by@alexharris
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How to Become a Great Developer in 2022

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Google Cloud’s DevOps Research and Assessment team (DORA) have released the State of DevOps report 2021. The report defines what makes a truly Elite developer in the post COVID-19 world. It uses four software delivery metrics to rank the teams surveyed, as Low, High, High or Elite performing teams. 1.     Deployment frequency: how often is new code deployed to production? 2.     Lead time for changes: what is the length of time between code committed and production? 3.     Time to restore services: in the event of incidents that impair users (e.g outages), how long does it take for your team to resume normal services? 4.     Change failure rate: what percentage of deployments to production result in impaired service requiring a hotfix, rollback or patch? It’s of no surprise that the most successful teams are those with the most frequent deployments, shortest lead times, fastest times to restore services, and lowest change failure rates.

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