How to Accelerate Your Web 3 Learning Curve by@wasifmrahman

How to Accelerate Your Web 3 Learning Curve

1. Start an alpha chat with friends. 2. Curate a high-quality news feed. 3. Follow the right content creators. 4. Start writing.
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After switching my career from the creator economy to Web 3 late last year, I struggled initially as I found the learning curve to be quite steep. Here are a few things I did to accelerate my growth.

1. Start an Alpha Chat With Friends.

This was initially a proposal from a buddy who was also getting into Web 3 at the time. His premise was that three heads were better than one. We would meet for an hour each week and share what we all learned about the crypto space. We each picked a topic and created a slide deck with the goal of educating the others about a specific chain, project, or NFT collection. Our Alpha chat is still going strong over telegram where we have over 30 members with quality discussions on all things Web 3.


2. Curate a High-Quality News Feed.

There is a lot of noise in the Web 3 space. It’s often difficult to find quality content with an unbiased analysis of news and events. My two go-to sources for news are Decrypt and CoinDesk.

3. Follow the Right Content Creators.

I vastly accelerated my learning curve through a steady diet of YouTube videos and Podcasts. I spent the first few months of my educational journey watching and listening to 3+ hours of Web 3 content.

My go-to shows are:


Bankless with Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman. Bankless hosts some very knowledgeable guests, and the conversations are always informative and educational.

The Coin Bureau is one of the best Web 3 shows on YouTube. The host goes by the pseudonym Guy, and his ability to present complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-digest manner is unparalleled. Beyond Web 3, Guy has also covered wider macro-economic news providing much-needed context for the bigger picture beyond just the crypto market.

For NFT news, I like to have a good mix of educational and fun content.

Proof with Kevin Rose is one of the best shows in the NFT space and covers a wide range, from degen projects to blue chips and fine art plays in Web 3. The show is very professional and has great guests from diverse backgrounds in the NFT scene.


The Nifty Alpha is my daily dose of NFT degen fun. I wake up with their morning show and always look forward to the banter between hosts Pio, NFT Nick, and Captain Kix. The intro music is on point, the NFT weather report is informative, and the guys always manage to make me laugh even during the brutal bear market.


4. Start Writing.

I cannot emphasize how powerful writing can be in accelerating your learning curve. I began writing consistently back in May as a way to hone my ideas around Web 3 and become more articulate in my thoughts on the space. Writing forces me to really engage with what I am learning about and deeply embeds concepts and ideas that serve as the foundation for my Web 3 knowledge.

As always, thank you for reading.

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