How Setting Up a Guest Wi-Fi Network Makes your Internet Securer

February 24th 2020
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My name is Harry Miller, and I am a Web Content specialist, Travel enthusiast and Blogger.

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It has become quite a ritual among friends to ask for the Wi-Fi
password before even exchanging greetings. The technology has taken made us so much addicted to it. The moment people enter your house, all they want to do is to access your internet to post on social media. Well, you can’t blame them because you do the same when you go to their place!
Social media is addictive and this makes us look for Wi-Fi in
restaurants, cafes, malls, and every possible place. The only issue to consider here is the rise of cybersecurity concerns. Revealing info like your internet password can be more dangerous and you can end up sharing your bandwidth with uninvited people.
When I subscribed to my internet service, the first thing I
did was set up a guest Wi-Fi network. Mainly because we are four siblings and we have plenty of visitors. They are all netflix buffs and they prefer streaming all the time and take up most of the data. I being a music lover love mp3 juice as its the best in the business. So, It’s a good idea to set up a guest network and then share your internet! Not convinced? Tag along!

Why Set Up a Guest Network?

There are many valid reasons to consider setting up a guest network.
If you share your internet connection without setting up a network, you may end up in one of the following situations:
  • Guests, who are visiting your place, can accidentally download a malicious program. And it will infect your router.
  • Your guests may have infected phones or laptops. Connecting them to your Wi-Fi can transfer the malicious programs and infect your router. This can further go on to infecting your devices, which are connected to that router.
  • Malware can easily spread over your entire local network. And it will not just stop there. It will infect every device in its
All this calls for setting up a guest network. You can be safe and
hospitable at the same time! Let’s elaborate on the reasons a little more for clarity.

Some Other Reasons to Consider

In addition to improved internet security, here are some other things
you should know:

The Passwords

Have you created a complicated password to protect
the main network? That’s smart! But it may not be very shareable. So, whilst creating a guest network, you can have a simpler and more shareable password. This will not affect any other devices in your home, which are connected to your primary network.

Ensuring Limited Access

You can make sure that your personal data, files, and
info are safe by not providing access to your primary network. Your guests can still surf, stream, browse social media, and check their emails while they are on your secondary or guest network. You will still be hospitable and welcoming!

Improved Internet Security

As mentioned already, this remains to be the most important factor. You can ensure protecting your primary network from all kinds of security threats like malware, network worms, and other such things. All these threats have the tendency to spread without a break. You don’t want all the devices in your home to be infected by one culprit device that your guest brought in!
The guest network will always serve as an additional layer for your network security.

Smart Home Security

Some security experts recommend that if you have smart home devices, you should connect them to your guest network too. For hackers, hacking a smart home product is easier. If your smart home product is connected to your primary network, your personal data and info on the network will be vulnerable and accessible to the hackers. This list includes smart TVs, smart teapots, video game consoles, smart speakers, smart wearables, and so on. All these devices need an active internet connection. They are more vulnerable because they don’t have any firewalls or malware protection software.

That’s why connecting them to a guest network will also work as an additional layer of security.

How to Set Up a Guest Network?

First things first, you need to pay anything additional to your ISP or invest in a separate cable to do this. You don’t need to be a very tech-savvy person to set up a guest network. It is actually quite easy and you can do it without any help. Activate it via settings and you will need your router’s IP address and the user manual of your router.
You can look up the entire configuration procedure online. All you need to do is to follow the guide step by step and you will successfully set up your guest Wi-Fi network. Just make sure that your router is a modern one. If your router is old or very low-end and old, then you may don’t have the option of setting up a guest Wi-Fi network.
Also, the ISP that you have subscribed to has nothing to do with this whole process. Don’t get fooled and don’t pay anything extra to set up a guest network. I have always been a subscriber of one of the Spectrum deals. When I first set up a guest network on my Wi-Fi, I called their customer services. The rep gave me some basic instructions and never took advantage of my ignorance. So, whichever your ISP is, don’t pay them anything extra for assisting you.
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My name is Harry Miller, and I am a Web Content specialist, Travel enthusiast and Blogger.



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