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How Routee's Two Factor Authentication Works

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Routee, the established CPaaS platform subsidiary, provides Web and API cloud solutions that are des

Two Factor Authentication or Two Factor Verification is a service used to confirm a user’s identity by combining two different elements. For example, Routee service combines a unique code with a verified phone number. This service can be used as part of an app or a website sign up process to increase security for the services offered.

Two Factor Authentication became extremely important after the latest PSD2 regulations which came in place according to EU guidelines. 

This service can be utilised via different channels. The options available on the platform of Routee are:

The platform also allows for fallback options, meaning that if two factor authentication with one of the channels does not go through, the system falls back to another one, i.e. if an app uses Two Factor Authentication with SMS, it can opt in for Two Factor Authentication with Voice if the first fails. This may happen for a visually impaired user. Thus, ensuring that the authentication messages always reach their intended recipients. 

The below diagram showcases how Routee’s Two Factor Authentication API works.

The status of the service is reported under five different categories, pending, verified, cancelled, expired and failed. The table below presents more details for each one of these. 

The transition between the statuses is illustrated in the below diagram.

In addition to the above features, Routee’s Two Factor Authentication allows its users to tailor the service based on their needs by deciding:

  • The life duration of each authentication code generated
  • The code complexity
  • Number of retries allowed for each login and senderID
  • A set of translations for your applied messages

If you are active on the web, have an e-commerce site, or belong to Finance, Healthcare or Government industries, learn more on Routee’s blog

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Routee, the established CPaaS platform subsidiary, provides Web and API cloud solutions that are des


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