How Realtors are Using Mobile Technology for Their
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How Realtors are Using Mobile Technology for Their Benefit

by Hubert GreenJuly 22nd, 2020
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98% of realtors feel that the mobile app is “Most important” “Moderately important'', or “Very important’��, for their daily work. 98% said they used mobile apps for managing work but also saw that the apps saved their considerable amount of time. Mobile apps are useful to a realtor in many ways from instantly scanning the documents to managing their clientele to do a chat over their website with buyers and sellers. With these apps they can furnish empty rooms, clear the clutter, and change plans into mockup.

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Realtors are an imperative part of the real estate ecosystem. They are omnipresent when it comes to anything that is related to real estate and so they know every nook and corner of their neighborhood. They know the neighboring properties and their estimated values and everything that their buyers and sellers look for.

But sometimes, it becomes a little bit hectic to keep an eye on every prospect who has been looking for a property or selling a property. Even other things such as listing vacant properties, client communications, follow-ups, closing documents, etc need to be managed properly in order to streamline the whole process.  

So, to keep their work fine-tuned for acquiring more clientele, a need arose for using mobile technology and other tools that could solve their problems and make their life easy. In this article, we have mentioned the need for real estate mobile apps for realtors and top apps realtors prefer. 

How Vital is Mobile technology for Realtors?

The team of realtors property resources (RPR), surveyed around 200 realtors to measure how they have been using mobile apps to get their work done. And In that survey, 98% realtors felt that the mobile app is “ Most important” “Moderately important'', or “Very important” for their daily work. Not only did they find that these apps were useful for managing work but they also saw that the apps saved their considerable amount of time. 

One of the compelling reasons for realtors to use mobile apps is that they could find their potential clients there. As more and more buyers use online platforms for finding their property,  there are high chances of meeting a potential client on that. 

A better workflow and client management is the core need of any realtors and mobile apps help them to do that effectively.  

How Mobile Technology is Helping Realtors?

Mobile apps are useful to a realtor in many ways. From instantly scanning the documents to managing their clientele to do a chat over their website with buyers and sellers, mobile apps are easing the daily load of realtors.  

Online workspace apps allow real estate agents to work collaboratively so that they could complete any real estate transaction in one place. Apps for the document scanning allow realtors to send closing documents, contracts, and other documents instantly by converting physical documents to the digital. 

Healthy communication with the client is an imperative part of the realtor’s job. Some specific apps let brokers sync their mail, phone, and other communication channels so that they have all the information in one place. 

Sometimes as a part of their job real estate agents have to showcase a condition or situation of properties. In such times photography skills could be really advantageous. Here too, mobile apps are allowing them to do virtual staging for a better look at the property. With these apps they can furnish empty rooms, clear the clutter, and change plans into the mockup. 

For better sales and listing, Realtors are leveraging the video platform apps so that they could better convey the specification of property to the prospect. It works as an efficient tool that allows them to create, publish, and track video that could help them in a big way. As a real estate agent, 73% of the homeowners said they prefer to list with the brokers who use video. 

For better management of their day to day work and other important data, Note-taking apps like Google Keep and Evernote are proven to be really helpful.

Most and Least Used Mobile App Activity By Realtors

According to the RPR study, some activities like client communication and housing research are of the utmost importance to real estate brokers. And their major part of the day spent on these matters. So, realtors prefer to do these tasks using mobile technology. 

Some other activities done on mobile apps by realtors are searching for housing data (72%), doing financial calculations (44%), Prospecting (34%), and home showing (26%). 

There are some other activities such as tours (21%), open houses (19%), and listing presentations (11%)  which are done less frequently on mobile phones than the above-mentioned activities. 

According to the 2017 report of the realtor mobile usage report, 87% of the realtors believe that buyers and sellers prefer to receive new house alerts, marketing activity reports, and more directly to their mobile devices. So, most real estate agents reported that they prefer to text their clients for new house alerts, neighborhood details, financial matters rather than using email. Also, many realtors work remotely from their car or open house, so the mobile phone is the most convenient way to form them from doing any activity. 

When realtors were asked how much time they spend on the mobile phone during the days, They responded that they spend their “five to eight hours” on the mobile phone for their business purpose. 

We have seen in brief how apps could cater to real estate agents in managing their daily routines and work-related matters. Let’s see those apps deeply. 

Top 5 Popular Apps among Realtors 


This is an amazing app that helps anyone who is working in the real estate industry. It allows realtors to scan their documents on phones and tablets so that they can send documents to property owners and property managers for property management. Camscanner will convert the physical documents to the digital format so that they can annotate, edit, and send out. So, when they need to send out closing documents, contracts, or any other detail this could be a go-to app. 


It frequently occurs with buyers or sellers that agents lose track of conversations. No worries, 

Contactually is an ideal CRM built for brokers and realtors. The app lets real estate agents sync their mail, phone, other communication channels with each other and put it in one place. 


If a real estate owner has a website portal and their client wants a detail about properties on the go, it is better to have a chat messenger embedded into the website.  Freshchat is a beautiful live chat messenger that can be integrated into a website. 

It allows them to directly connect with their potential client. As some clients are more comfortable talking on a chat than directly coming to call, they can provide them with necessary information and detail about nearby properties and their neighborhoods.

Box brownie

As mentioned earlier, real estate agents need photography tools that allow them to display the property in the best possible way. Box Brownie perfectly does that for real estate agents. This tool provides stagings to help realtors showcase the property in its best look. It does not have a mobile app yet but its web app is simple to use and a handy tool for the photography needs. 


Yet another powerful tool which could be really handy for earning new clients and leads. BombBomb is a video generating platform that allows agents to add videos in between the messages. They can also add videos while drafting a mail to the potential buyer or seller. All they have to do is just create a video, publish it, and track the marketing video advertising properties. 


Mobile apps and other tools are not only helping Realtors excel at their jobs, it’s now the necessary medium for data delivery.  As buyers, sellers, and real estate agents are inclined towards this technological shift in the real estate industry, there is a surge in Real estate-related startups as well. Especially those who are in this field for a long time, have shown interest in building these kinds of apps by approaching a real estate app development company.