How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App Like Bet365 & Betfair by@kishorekamal

How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App Like Bet365 & Betfair

August 31st 2018 13,283 reads
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In the world of sports, the concept of betting or say, gambling is quite prominent. In fact, it is pretty much there in every sport, be it rugby, basketball, baseball, tennis, football, and where not. The audience seems to have a love-hate relationship with the concept of betting; like in some countries betting is considered legal, whereas in others it is deemed illegal. However, the emergence of online betting in 1997 changed the scenario to a great extent. Since then, there has been no looking back.

And today, the betting business has taken a huge leap forward with this new concept of “Sports betting mobile app”. This has even diminished the risk element attached with betting. As now, like earlier, people don’t require visiting online websites or these physical betting places to place the bet on various sports matches. A single tap of your smartphones will do the job, sans any risk. Well, it can get any better?

International sports betting is estimated to have a market capitalization of $250 billion. According to Statistica, a highly-reputable firm, licensed online sportsbooks (like the ones we review) account for upwards of $39.7 billion of this revenue.. Report

Global Sports Betting & Lotteries Market revenue is $217 Billion and growing with 0.6% creating 230,558 employment and 21,046 business worldwide —Report

Countries where betting is considered legal

In the continent of America & Europe, betting & gambling is legal and hence the concept of online betting works the most here, while in other nations, like Japan, India & Middle East, betting is still considered as illegal. Though, going by the media reports, gambling is legal in most nations.

What is The Future of Online Sports Betting?

Just as we mentioned above, Online betting is growing at a great pace and looking at this, we expect the global mobile betting market to grow by almost 20% by 2019. Meanwhile, the common factors behind the rise in the prominence of sports betting & gambling are amendments in rules & regulations in many countries concerning online gambling, better Internet connectivity and increased ownership of the smartphones.


U.S. Sports Betting Market To Be World’s Biggest By 2023, New Report Finds

How online betting progressed?

Well, the credit needs to be given to the prominent betting apps like William Hill & Bet 365 that entirely changed the scenario. Going by their prominence, many businesses have already come up with their own Sports betting mobile app to cash into this trend and if you are also keen on creating a betting mobile app & delve into an entirely different experience, then you are certainly at the right space.

Which are popular sports where Sports betting takes place?

The most common sports where Sports betting takes place comprise of Football, Baseball, WWE, Basketball, Formula One, Rugby, Grand Slams or Tennis, etc.


Which are the most popular Sports Betting Mobile Apps?

The mobile market app is booming presently with wide-ranging sports betting apps, which come in all sorts & sizes. However, all of those apps are not perfect and thus, there is a lot of scope for you to make a mark in this arena by coming up with feature-rich & engaging sports betting mobile app. So, here we have mentioned some of the most-popular and successfully running betting mobile apps out there in the market.


Bet 365: This prominent betting mobile app comes for iPhone & iPad devices, and it offers a wide-list of in-play markets, users can watch LIVE games & events. Besides, its convenient design enables users to navigate easily and quickly through categories & events. This app is best for those who prefer to place bets at the last moment.


William Hill: This iPhone app enjoys top ranking in the app store back-to-back. It is visually appealing and provides users with in-play markets & great odds rates. Some of its amazing features, such as Betting insurance, are available only in the mobile version, and this encourages users to install the app on their smartphones.


Paddy Power: Users pretty much adore this app due to its easy-to-use functionality. However, the reason why most users like this app can be due to its ability to combine many features in one place. This app enables its users to watch games, place bets and also offers a built-in casino. Besides, it also lures the customers with special offers & promotions from time-to-time. Many perceive this app as the best iPhone mobile app for betting.


Betfair: Primarily, what attracts users to this app is its clean design & easy-to-use menus. Now, there are two mobile apps available which carry this name Betfair. One app is a classic sports book offering all kind of news, betting rates, statistics & other info. Then, the second one is an exchange mobile app which enables the users to place bets & receives prizes. This division seems not to be too convenient for end-users; still, the app does enjoy its pretty share of users.


Bovada: This app, also known as Bodog, happens to be among the prominent & oldest online sports-books operating at the moment. Bovada happens to be one of the few betting apps accepting bets from the USA and it covers all the major sports played in the USA, like hockey, football, basketball, baseball & many others.

What are the key features of Sports Betting Mobile apps?

Each of the sports betting app has varied features, with each having different betting rules & methods, however, below we have mentioned the most common features you must consider while developing sports betting mobile app.


Features of a User Panel:

Login: This common feature requires app users to register & login to the app using username & password, or email ID or via social media credentials.

Choose the Sports/Player: This section provides users wide-ranging options for the sports events on which they will place their bets. It may vary from Cricket, Football, WWE, etc. Same way, the users can also choose to bet on the players from the list, which includes names of all the teams & players playing that selected sport. Adjacent to the names, the betting rate for each of the team is displayed.

Watch Live Match: Allow users to watch the Live Match via the app so they can stay attuned and see how the match progresses. This way users can plan their betting strategy well.

Betting Guide: This happens to be among the most crucial features. After all, you do need to guide the app users on how to place a bet on a specific game, team or a player. First-timers particularly find this feature useful.

Player Information: It’s vital for the app user to have information about each & every player who is playing in the sport selected by them. So, provide this information in your app, like the player’s strengths and how was their performance in previous games.

Keep users updated about match schedules: Users must be constantly informed about future calendars & match schedules, with exact date & time. Thus, they can easily plan their betting activities well in advance.

Choose Betting Model: Sports betting consist of various models, ranging from Check-Raising, Check or Call, Check Min-Raise, Call, Call Raise, Folding the Flop, Always Checking the River, and others. Now, users are free to choose one as per their liking & convenience.

Choose Betting Category: Same as Betting model, the user will also require to select a betting pattern. Users can choose the type of bet they are keen to place in the match. The bet types usually depend on the sport on which the bet is being placed. Few examples are Handicaps, Yankee, Single, Patent, Head-to-Head, Each Way & many others.

Connect with other users: It works better when a betting app allows users to interact with other app users and discuss regarding the match predictions.

Final Rank & Position: When a new pool is created by the admin, you will get to know your final status, like whether you won the bet or lost it.

Instant Payment System: For a betting app, it is crucial to offer instant online payment system with only a few taps on the screen. Hence, payment gateway must be integrated into the app, so that users can make payments as per their chosen methods.

Multiple-Language Support: With betting being conducted all across the world, hence the app must be integrated with the multi-lingual feature. Like, it can support the most common languages which are spoken across the world, thus allowing the user to select their preferred language.

Match Summary: With a summary of the entire match being provided, it gets easy for a gambler to carry out a detailed analysis of the performance of each player. Besides, the gambler can also view the crucial turning points of the match, in case he missed them.

Offline Support: It can be quite beneficial for the user if the betting app offers offline service, for some time at least. This way, even when there is no internet connectivity, the user won’t lose the money placed by him.

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Features of the Admin Panel

Login: Same as user panel, the Admin also needs to register into the app using the account credentials.

Manage Users: From this section, the admin can manage all the registered app users, via a dashboard. The Admin has access to all the user details, betting type, betting style, the amount placed by them as a bet and everything else.

Receive Inputs from the Bookies: Bookies play a crucial role in the betting process. Like, they offer useful input to admin regarding the standard & status of each team & players & also the bets placed on them. Accordingly, the admin will decide profit-share from each of the sports events. Also, it’s the time who will generate the password for each gambler and also notifies them about the start & end of betting. Admin has the authority to include new users in the game, and if the admin finds that a user has violated any term or condition, then the former has the right to exclude that user from the betting list. It is the Admin who sets the betting price for every game.

Manage Payments & Prizes: Admin is the one managing money received from users to place bets. Also, it is the Admin who will require to provide money to the winning user of the bet or gamble. Besides, the Admin also manages the app content. All-in-all, he is the whole sole of the app’s back-end.

Advanced Features of a Sports Betting Mobile App:

Pay & Bet instantly: Just a great way to augment user participation while they are betting. Looking at the performance of the players, users can instantly place bets pretty easily. Like, instant betting is most prominent in games like football & tennis, as per every playing ball.

Promotions: Like every other app, your betting app will also require promotions for it to gain your audience attention. So, what can you exactly do? Well, it is as easy as keeping the users informed regarding recent activities via intuitive advertisements and well-crafted notifications. Like, try delivering latest trends in sports, latest match scores, thus to provide a dynamic experience to the app users.

Radio: While creating a betting mobile app, integrating radio feature can be greatly helpful as it allows the users to stay attuned with the latest information about match events & activities. Whenever desired, users can stream radio so to capture an ideation regarding promotional schemes, offers, appealing deals & price standards.

Back-end: This kind of app must show an updated date each time the users refreshes the app. It is crucial for a betting app to display current data at very high speed. Thus, in such scenarios, integration of latest technologies like PostgreSQL, Cassandra proves to be helpful, as they are great for the development of sound & robust back-end infrastructure. In case of frameworks, stick to the likes of JavaScript & Python.

Reviews: This feature allows the users to know about the opinions of other users. Hence, by having the ideas, opinions of other app users, it gets possible for the gambler to bet wisely, by well-observing the situation.

Pop-ups: These are a great way to entice the users like you can provide the essential information about events, occasions & even offers. A pop-up can be used to pass on any breaking news that has come to you.

Community: This feature offers group-chat facility, where the users can share opinions, feedbacks, and even images. It’s quite useful to enhance user-engagement with the app.



APNS( Apple push notifications/FCM( Firebase cloud messaging) — For Push NotificationsTwilio, Sinch, Nexmo — For SMS, Voice and Phone VerificationGWT — For Powerful ProgrammingDatastax — For Data ManagementMail Chimp Integration , Mandrill — For everything related to emailsDebian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS — The Universal Operating SystemDatabase — MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, PostgressCloud Environment — AWS and GoogleRealtime Analytics — Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM


Sports Prediction Algorithm : Pickforwin.comTools to calculate true odds of a sports event : tradematesports.comFootball Prediction Algorithm : Betegy

API Integration — 3rd Part API integration is one most important aspect of betting mobile applications such as Algorithm api, Live score API etc. Learn more about 3rd party API integration.

Why is it important to choose a right development partner?

Well, it has its perks to select a right Sports Betting App Development Company that is able to understand the complexity of this particular kind of mobile app and can also comprehend your business objectives and requirements with the app. Usually, a good Sports betting app development firms have a brilliant set of professionals working for them, comprising of knowledgeable & skilled app developers and designers, QA testers, etc.

Top Sports Betting App Developers

Octal IT Solution


Octal IT Solution : Fantasy Sports App |Sports Betting App





How much does it Cost to develop a Sports Betting Mobile App?

As it comes to development of a sports betting app, the important factors to consider is the country where the app is being developed, the choice of platforms, i.e. iOS or Android, or both, and the number of games which are included in the app for betting, functionalities, features, UX & UI design, etc.

App Development — Hourly Rates

North America — $50 -$250 / HourEstern Europe — $20 -$150 / HourWestern Europe — $30 -$175 / HourAustralia — $50 -$150 / HourIndia — $15 -$80 / Hour

Required Development Team Structure

Business AnalystProject ManagerIOS/Android DevelopersBack-end App DevelopersUX-UI ExpertsQuality Assurance ExpertDelivery Manager

Combining them all, a rough estimate of developing a sports betting mobile app like Bet365 would cost somewhere from $50000 to $70000. However, upon finding the expert sport betting mobile app development company you can get the exact figure.

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