Why 2019–20 is best season to launch a Fantasy Cricket App? by@kishorekamal

Why 2019–20 is best season to launch a Fantasy Cricket App?


Since long the cricket enthusiasts have been crazy about this very sport. In fact, you will find many who consider it as a religion and not just a game. Like, its frenzy is very much evident in India. No wonder, fantasy cricket platform Dream 11 successfully created such a huge presence among the people.


The Rise of Fantasy Cricket Apps

The platform of Fantasy cricket mobile app is all about fun, excitement, passion, anticipation and yes, most importantly, the rewards that come in form of cash prizes and bonus a fan can get.

With India being the land where cricket is worshipped and players are considered no less than gods, it didn’t come as a surprise when a fantasy cricket app like Dream 11 turned out to be a huge success among the cricket lovers and mobile users.

First of its kind, fantasy cricket app, Dream 11 was developed & conceptualized by a Mumbai-based firm called Dream11 Inc. It is actually a virtual game, where the fans can compose their own teams by selecting players who they think are going to perform better than the rest. It enables the app users to participate in Cricket matches taking places all around the world. Though it gained huge prominence as fantasy cricket app, the mobile app also offer Kabbadi & football fantasy sports as well.

Around the world, the fantasy sports mobile apps are already trending with 70% fantasy app users using mobile apps to play fantasy sports leagues, and now the trend of fantasy cricket apps is also catching up pretty fast worldwide. Right now there might be a few fantasy cricket apps, such as William Hill and Dream 11, but now more and more businesses are planning to launch their own feature-rich fantasy cricket apps. In fact, in the coming days, the cricket lovers certainly have a lot of surprises in store in regards to fantasy cricket.

Market Opportunity for Fantasy Cricket Mobile apps


Indian is the most prominent market

“The growth of fantasy app users in the year 2017 was 18 to 20%. Now, it is expected that by 2019, the mobile app downloads will reach 352.9 billion, whereas mobile app revenue is expected to reach $90 billion in 2019.”

Cricket is a sport that emerged as a billion-dollar industry across the world and supports a large ecosystem. In fact, today cricket is more than just a sport and is instead a big business with a hodgepodge of cricket gambling, league tournaments, corporates, billions of fans, big brands, celebrities and so on. England, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia are few of the heavyweight cricket hubs followed by Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Pakistan.

The reason why these apps are such huge success is that every fan is not just a devotee but is an expert as well, and there can be no better platform to show off this expertise than on Fantasy Cricket apps

How Fantasy Sports app work

Users love this online game which allows them to create their own fantasy team of cricketers who will play in a particular tournament and then app users get to earn points on the basis of how the selected players are performing in actual matches. As the game ends, points are then calculated and the users can then compare their performance with that of other players in the league.

Strong reasons to invest in Fantasy Cricket mobile apps right now

Never-ending opportunities: Each year, numerous of cricketing events, tournaments are organized such as IPL, Big Bash, ODI matches, Test matches, etc. thus there is a huge scope for this kind of apps.


Lesser Competition: The concept of fantasy cricket apps is still new and there are not a lot of apps available in the app stores of this arena. Hence, if you create a fantasy cricket mobile app at this time, it will be easier for you to make your presence felt and earn a loyal user base. This way, you can also earn a lot of money in a short period of time.

It is legal: In a lot of countries, like India, the concept of betting in cricket is not legal, however, fantasy cricket apps are considered legal. As it is not basically, but is actually a game of skill and hence is considered legal to play. This is one of the biggest reasons why Dream11 turned out to be such huge success as it garnered support from more and more cricket lovers.

Make money by attracting new users: These apps allow the app owners to attract new customer every new day, especially during the time of cricket league being organized. Here in this virtual cricket game, app users select the players and a certain amount is paid by these users for the team they are creating virtually. This way, app owners can earn money because the winning amount of the users is lesser than the entry fee collected in a particular league. This way there is a great opportunity to create a huge customer base and earn good money.

Why is it the right time to invest in Fantasy Cricket Mobile apps?

Right now is the best time to get a Fantasy Cricket Mobile app developed. There are a lot of cricket events in line during the period of 2019–20, and hence to cash into this frenzy and get the revenues soaring, you must start with the development of Fantasy cricket app now itself.


Important Cricket Events taking place in 2019–20

Indian Premier League: IPL, organized by BCCI takes place every once a year and in 2019 the 12th season of the league will be held during March 29th to May 19th. Usually, the Twenty-20 IPL takes place in India, however, it is expected that in 2019 a part of the tournament may also be held in the United Arab Emirates owing to the Indian General Elections. Then, next year in 2020, the 13th season of IPL will be held.

During the year 2018 as well, the business of Fantasy cricket leagues was at soaring high due to the immense participation of the worldwide audience and higher participation is expected in the coming leagues.

Cricket World Cup ODI:

One of the biggest cricketing events, International ODI Cricket World Cup will be held in 2019. This will be the 12th edition of Cricket World Cup and is being hosted by England and Wales from May 30th to 14th July. This event occurs once in every four months and it is expected that it will break all records related to fantasy cricket business.


Big Bash League:

The eighth season of this Australian professional T-20 cricket league commences on December 19, 2018, and will finish on February 17, 2019. This is again a prominent cricketing event and immense participation of fantasy cricket lovers is expected during this league. Also, it takes place every year, hence there are immense opportunities in this arena as well.


World Cup T-20:

This event is held once in every two years and the next tournament, which will be the seventh edition of the World Cup T-20, will be held in 2020. This time it will be hosted by Australia from October 18th to November 15th, 2020.


With numerous cricketing events lined up, it is high time to invest in a fantasy cricket app and gain immense popularity in the arena of fantasy cricket app development.

Things To Consider Before Developing Fantasy Cricket App

At the moment, Fantasy cricket apps enjoy a big number of user engagement and also enjoys the involvement of the investors. So, in case, you are planning to make an entry in fantasy cricket business then here are a few things to get you started to become the next Dream 11.


Research & Analysis

Execute a thorough research on the competitors in the arena of Fantasy cricket apps, like the kind of features they offer, how satisfied their users are, and also go through the reviews provided by the app users in the app store’s review section as it allows you to find where they lack so you can prepare your app accordingly enriched with new and exciting features.

Plan well

Planning your business before you begin is again an integral step. Like in terms of fantasy cricket apps, you already know your niche audience and now you need to plan your team, feature-list, your budget & yes, the deadlines.

Engagement Platform

Next, it’s time to decide whether you are keen to offer only a web interface or only a mobile interface or both the interfaces to your users so they get engaged with your app. In the case of fantasy cricket apps, it is advised to focus heavily on a mobile interface as there are more mobile users as compared to desktop computers. Besides, it would be more convenient for the users to play on their mobiles because then they can play anywhere and anytime.

However, it’d be beneficial for your business to have a combination of nicely designed web & mobile interface.

Game Rules & Format

While developing a fantasy cricket app, it is ‘you’ who will be deciding the format and game rules of your business, hence ensure to keep your audience engaged with your app and also provide the excitement of real cricket in this virtual cricket platform. Like, Dream 11 offers wide-ranging game formats that users can participate in, such as it offers a free contest, featured contest, practice contest, season special content with winning amount reaching up to INR.5,00,000 (US$7,500).

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Which are the promising markets for Fantasy Cricket Mobile apps?

The audience niche for fantasy cricket mobile app is obviously the cricket enthusiasts, hence the promising markets would be the countries where this game of cricket is much-adored

Promising markets for fantasy cricket app

What are the Basic Features of Fantasy Cricket Mobile app:


Once you have decided to get a fantasy cricket app developed, it’s time to now focus on the features that need to be integrated into the app. First, we discuss the basic features below, both for the User-Panel & Admin-Panel.

Features of User-Panel:

Registration: Here the cricket fans can log in to the app using his/her login credentials or email ID. Besides, you can also integrate social media login to ease the process of sign-up.

View Player Stats: In this section, the user can view the statistics of each player’s performance in the past. This will be helpful for them while selecting a team for a particular tournament or match.

My Profile: This section features basic user information, which can also be edited or modified by the app users.

My Offers/My Winnings: Here the user can find the information about the new offers and his winning amount.

Join Leagues & tournaments: From this section, the app users can join upcoming tournaments and leagues, in order to further create a team.

Select Leagues/Tournaments: Users need to head here in order to select the league and tournaments they want to play.

Create Team page: This section features information about a particular team, like each player as per their skills, position in the team, points, their performance in formats, etc.

Advanced Features in User Panel:

Live Group Chat: This feature allows users to interact with other app users like they can share their views regarding the match, and their teams. Here, they can also discuss their strategies.

Social Media Sharing: With social-media sharing integrated into the app, users can share their rankings, new accomplishments, etc.

Live Commentary feed: This offers Live Score of the Match, Player’s performance and Current Standing of each user to the app users.

Features of Admin Panel:

Admin Login: From here, the admin of the fantasy cricket mobile app can log in and perform actions need to be executed by the admin.

Manage Results and Points: Admin manages the results and points of each user from this section, which needs to be constantly updated in real-time.

Payment/ Transaction Management: This is the section from where the admin handles payments that need to be made to each winner as per the ranking. Next, when the user wants to get the winning amount transferred to his/her bank account, then the admin will require to verify bank account details of the user as well as Pan Card Details. This is a one-time process.

Fantasy points management: Admin will manage the points received by each user during the game from this section.

Notifications & Requests Management: From here, Admin manages the notifications sent to the users regarding free entries, league-filling up, upcoming matches, upcoming tournaments, deadlines, winning notifications, etc. Admin manages the user requests received for the participation from here.

Manage Leagues, Players & Players Assignment: From here, the admin will manage all the leagues and players, who are participating in the match, players assignment on the basis of points given to each player.

View & Manage list of Users: From this section, the admin can view the registered users, and manage them all.

Win history: From here the admin manages the winning history of each of the app user.

Advanced Features of Admin Panel

Dashboard Analytics: Here the admin can view and manage the dashboard like he can check the points earned by each user and manage the user profiles.

Other Sports Integration: Even though it is cricket fantasy app, but other sports like rugby, baseball, basketball & soccer can also be integrated into the app, to target large audience base and ultimate increase revenues.

Newsfeed for activities by each app user: This feature offers the activities of each of the app user to the admin. This way it gets easier to manage the app.

API Integration for player statistics: Now to provide the live score and player statistics of the ongoing match, the app providers certainly can’t connect with cricket boards, like BCCI, ICC, CIA, etc. as that will be really expensive. Thus, the easier way out is to buy API from the likes of Cricbuzz, ESPN, Cricinfo, etc.

Manage Coupons & Offers: From here the admin provides and manages the coupons and offers to the app users from time to time to encourage participation.

Level Management: Admin will provide a bonus to the app users as each user upgrade their level. Like, if a user joins more and more paid leagues, his level will accordingly increase, and this will be managed by the administrator.

Choosing a Right App Development Partner is Important


As you are investing in the fantasy cricket app business, you require to connect with a top Fantasy Cricket App Development Company, who will take care of your app related needs and assure to provide excellence. This company must have rich-experience in creating this category of apps and excel in creating a stand-out and best-in-class cricket fantasy app. This app must be compatible with all the devices and operating systems, like iOS and Android.

Top Fantasy Sports App Developers

Octal IT Solution


Octal IT Solution









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Team Structure for Fantasy Cricket Mobile apps

In order to develop a fantasy cricket mobile app, you would need a set of experts to help in the fantasy cricket app development process. The team of experts that would be required in the app development process are:


· _Requirement Analyst_· _Project Manager_· _Mobile App Developers (Frontend & Backend)_· _UX/UI Designers_· Quality Analyst

How much will it cost to develop a Fantasy cricket mobile app?


The cost to develop a Cricket Fantasy mobile app for Android and iOS platforms will cost somewhere around $20000-$25000, however, if you choose to integrate the more advanced feature into the app, the cost will increase accordingly.

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