How Meditation will Save your Startup Businessby@Jimi3T
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How Meditation will Save your Startup Business

by Jimi ThreetJuly 17th, 2022
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Pro tip: I tend to use very colorful language. If you're going to use the audio version of this article I recommend doing it out of earshot of children, coworkers, your boss, priests, and old people that might not understand. I would prefer not to be liable for giving grandma a heart attack. On with the show.

Let's face it. Starting a business is nerve-racking. Unlike a large corporation, you don't have a flurry of staff or experts to help you. A lot of times you will have to learn things as you go. You will get it wrong, you will get frustrated, and you will want to quit. You still step on your literal or metaphorical d*ck more times than you can count. This is normal, and it's perfectly okay.

I know what you're thinking. But Jimi, my mind is constantly racing at 1000 mph. There is no way I can meditate. Well, my friends, that is all the more reason for you to learn. I'm going to tell you something you might not know. If you did you probably wouldn't be reading this article in the first place.

Here's my question to people that think they can't meditate. Have you ever been fully absorbed in a task? Have you ever been so deep in the zone with something like painting or reading, etc. that the building you're in could literally be on fire and you'd have no idea? I have scared the living shit out of myself many times driving long distances. I'd essentially "blackout" for the majority of the trip. I would only remember a few minutes after leaving and then a few minutes before my arrival.

This is called the flow state

While in flow, our entire physiological state changes. Our heart rate and breathing slow down. We often think that meditation is sitting in a lotus position (as in the above picture) or lying down. The truth is there are things such as moving meditations. Like hiking, creating art, coding, writing, etc. These are entries into a higher-level practice of meditation.

If my ADHD having ass can do it, anyone ca

So what does any of this have to do with saving a business through meditation? If you find yourself stuck on a problem. Go for a walk, take a step back, go f*cking meditate! If you are struggling to create a way to crack that code you've been working on all day. Stop and meditate. Let's be honest, the sheer thought of meditating turns a lot of people off. Because they don't think they are capable.

Do you think you could at least try if it means the difference between success and catastrophic failure?

How to begin

First, you want to have some form of intent with your meditation. What do you want to get out of the experience? Are you looking to calm the mind? Are you trying to gain insights into your life or a particular problem? Although you can meditate pretty much anywhere, it's best to have a dedicated space for your practice. And finally, try a few different practices to see what works for you. Here are a few methods for starting your journey into meditation.

1. Moving meditation

This is the one you've probably been doing all along without even realizing it. With a good moving meditation, you don't have to be still and quiet. Moving meditation can be a number of activities such as walking, yoga, creating art, writing, fishing, etc. My personal favorite moving meditation is creating art. For those of you who watched the series "Heroes" on NBC will remember the artist that would go into a trance-like state to paint the future. After a while, you'll notice how easy it is to get to the flow state.

2. Zen room or space

Some people will create a space in their home or office to take time to themselves for meditation. Of course, this should be a quiet place with no distractions. You can have some sort of ambient noise such as a water fountain in the room. The practice can be done lying down or seated. If you doze off during your meditation it's fine. Just make sure if you're on your lunch break at work you are back on time.

3. Guided meditation and Binaural beats/Isochronic tones

Hands down my favorite methods for meditation. Again find a relaxing place to conduct your practice get a good set of noise-canceling headphones, and find some good material to listen to. A lot of people are really into Calm and Headspace. When it comes to apps I prefer Brainwave T.U.S. Those are all paid apps, but if you want to try them for free there is a lot of content on Youtube. You can also find a lot of guided meditations there as well.

When it comes to guided meditations I like the work of Joe Dispenza. I also recommend his books. I started my meditation journey with a series called Quantum Jumping by a guy named Burt Goldman.

4. Sensory deprivation chambers/Floating

A sensory deprivation chamber is a room or tank (see photo above) that is an area that is sealed off from light and sound. There is a pool of water with massive amounts of Epsom salt added to the water. The idea is to completely remove any form of distraction from your practice. The lack of light and sound combined with the weightlessness of your body really allows you to let go of your senses. This is really the ultimate way to get into meditation in my experience. Plus your skin will thank you for the salt bath.

I hope that you've enjoyed this article. If you've made it this far, thank you! I genuinely hope this aids in your success. Please comment below with questions or comments.