How I Use Google Docs and Notion to Manage My Relationship (Part 2) by@trdoc
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How I Use Google Docs and Notion to Manage My Relationship (Part 2)

September 29th 2022
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by @trdoc 1,038 reads
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By documenting your journey and writing down your future plans in an online journal, you build a lifelong written memory that you can nostalgically look back upon. Here are seven creative ideas for maintaining such an online journal on Notion.

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We are back with more ways you can manage your relationship on Notion and Google Docs! In our previous article How I Use Notion and Google Docs to Manage My Relationship, we shared ideas from some of the many other couples who used our template. On popular demand, we brought new, fun, and fresh ways you can manage your relationship. Let’s dive into it!

Photo Dumps—Hazy to HD


We love pulling out the camera from picture-perfect moments to embarrassing ones. My partner and I upload the everyday grinding pictures on Notion that speak of the sweetness and sourness of our relationship. Those shared little moments weave a remarkable visual memoir for us to look back at. The above image of photo-dumps is shared by one of our customers.

In our Notion Template, you can make photo dumps that might not be sharable to the world but are definitely precious ones. Notion has easy-to-upload features that make the process smooth. Be it low quality or HD photos, preserve them forever.

Log Your Ha-Ha- Moments

Through the ups and downs of a relationship, we keep tickling each other’s bones. As days, months and years roll down like toilet paper, we still keep the fire on by reading the jokes we cracked on each other or made fun of.

The date, occasion, and title of the joke can be logged on our Notion Template. String a compilation of all your jokes in one place and go through the Walk of Lame(our pun version of Walk of Fame) anytime. Well, from our experience you can sway away the bug in your relationship if you have little humor in life.

Tracker of Togetherness


Let your finger creases be a sign of evolution and not a victim of anniversary counters. The Relationship Counteris a lifesaver for our friends and us. Celebrate the days of togetherness and strengthen the relationship.

The following are the benefits of a counter:

  • You can keep track of any special occasion in your life—first kiss, move-in, proposal, and more.
  • You do not have to play memory games to remember the important dates. Simply check the counter and it’s done! You can keep your excuses of forgetting at bay.
  • You can check not only the years, months, and days of togetherness but also hours, minutes, and seconds. This feature makes it perfect for wishing each other at the right time.

Use Various Highlights, Font Style, and Size


You can lower the chances of getting a blue tongue as Sheldon had after accidentally sucking blue marker in The Big Bang Theory if you use digital highlighters. From visiting your partner’s parents to chilling with his/her colleagues, you can use popping highlighters, font style, and size to prioritize your plans. We also play the Rainbow Game where Violet is denoted as pajama meetings to Red is denoted as formal wear meetings. You and your partner can choose a color from VIBGYOR to understand how serious a particular meeting is supposed to be.

Test Your Love Language


We love taking the Love Language test once in a while and logging the scores in Notion. As individuals, we change and so are the dimensions of our relationship. Thus, it is important to check what love language you prefer out of the 5—affirmation, quality time, gifts, physical touch, and acts of service.

Respecting each other’s preferences goes a long way in retaining a relationship. Noting down the love language scores will give a clear idea about what you and your partner like to receive in the form of love. For fun, you can also add charts (bar, line, column, and pie) to keep track of the fluctuations.

Attach Inspiring Elements to Add Wheels


While my partner loves to rewatch her standard set of YouTube motivational videos, I am all in for Tom Holland dancing to the song Umbrella (Rihanna ft. Jay-Z). Be it a single quote or a funny celebrity video, your motivating element deserves a spot on the Notion page. Add motivated wheels to gain momentum on the individual level and also as a pair.

There is always a space for your motivation in our Notion journal. Unfold your multiverse of motivations and let the words or visuals kick start a fresh chapter of your life.

Set the Mood With a Playlist


We added our Spotify playlist on Notion and it helped us to build the Relationship Journal while listening to music. Set the mood for your partner in a few easy steps. We love to add our personal favorites and also the tunes that recall our sweet memories. On birthdays and anniversaries, we set up special playlists separate from the usual ones and dedicate them to each other.

Following are the steps through which you can simply share your Spotify playlist.

  • Open your Spotify playlist and find the three dots icon (···). It will lead you to the menu.
  • In the menu, you will find the Share button. Tap on it and the Copy embed code option will pop up.
  • Visit the place where you would like your playlist and type /embed and simply paste the copied code on the window that comes up.
  • Click on the blue Embed link button and your Spotify playlist will prevail before your eyes.

Try the Relationship Journal Today!

If the above-mentioned ways have intrigued you then download our Relationship Journal template from our shop. For your convenience, The Relationship Journal is available in both Notion and Google Docs format. With our super fun and easy-to-use template, you can track, log and manage your everyday lives with your partner. You can also connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Cheers!

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by MD Meets Techie @trdoc.We build fun digital products and experiences that helps couples communicate and build a deeper connection.
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