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How I learned Flutter and How you Can Too...

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Curiosity killed the Schrodinger's cat? or did it?

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The technique described in the article can be applied to learn any language or framework. In fact, it can be applied to learn anything in life. I have used it all along to learn react, blockchain, dockers, creating music etc. However in this post, I will only talk about how I applied it to learn Flutter. 

This technique takes you away from traditional ways taking a course and watching lengthy videos. Also, it won’t make you an expert but if you apply it over and over again, you can become an expert. If applied once, you can say that you know the basics and have somewhat experience in using flutter. 

What to expect?

Post successful implementation of this technique, you will be basic knowledge of flutter and something to showcase your knowledge.  It is a goal oriented technique and requires your attention only on those building blocks which helps you achieve your specific goal.

Without further ado let’s begin 

  1. Setting a context - Read in general about the Flutter framework. What it is ? How it works ? Languages used etc.  or just watch a video on youtube.
  2. Goal Setting - Come up with a small idea that you think can be built quickly like a to do list, a calculator or a quiz, it can be anything based on your choice and expertise.
  3. Project Structure - Understand how a typical flutter project is structured. You may want to understand, how to structure your code, where to add permissions, plugins , where to put assets. etc.
  4. Setting-up & Execution - This is the step where you need to have good research skills. Set up the development environment for flutter using the flutter official docs and break your target goal into sub components and learn how to implement those sub components. You will have to explore through the flutter documentation and other articles, to identify and learn what building blocks are required. But how will you know what building blocks are available ?

Google every question that you have in mind.

And it will direct you towards what building blocks are available. In case of flutter, everything is a widget. EVERYTHING!. You google the widgets, widget for creating a list, widget for layout, widget for page views etc.  Below are the reference links that I used to learn and develop my app flutter. I believe these will be very helpful for anyone starting to learn flutter. 

I have posted them on github as well ( which I will keep updating). Also, I would like thank all the developer beings :p and hard working people for producing all the resources.

Also, if you are curious this ( ios & android ) is what I build using flutter.

Useful links -

Navigation Tabs




Story Demo

Building Layouts

Text Styling

AppBar Sliver - Expandable view

Splash Screen

Version Code


Layout Approach



JSON parsing in Flutter/Dart


Shared prefs

Async call




PageView as Gesture


Intro Screens


Flutter Android Build & Signing

Rendering, Widgets, etc

Stream builder/cloud firestorm


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