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How I Fell In Love With Python

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@yashhhhrajYashraj Singh Chouhan

Human by life, Programmer by choice

Two years back, I was a guy with zero programming skills. For my whole life, I always kept running away from Computer Sciences and I ended up pursuing my engineering in Computer sciences only. Well it was kinda blessing in disguise because now I feel that it was right decision to choose Computer Science( just because I feel like it is much easier than other branches of engineering).

When I got into college, there were a lot of people, extremely diverse in terms of skills. Some were pro since the very beginning only, and some like me struggled to cope up. In the very first month, A senior bullied me for my zero skills and it hurt my ego so bad that I started doing course on FreeCodeCamp.

At that time I had no idea where I was heading but I was just doing all the challenges, learning everything I can like a maniac. It took me just 2 weeks to finish the front end development course on Freecodecamp but then I felt so saturated with it that I stopped it for a while. That was maybe my another mistake, because the moment I paused, I started to forget things and in a month, I was blank.

However my institute's curriculum was based on C++ so I was learning that too. Although I was not too good at it. I felt C++ was just too bulky to code in. So in my lab sessions, I used to copy my friend's code or I just used to skip those classes. A lot of students around me were working on other languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.

I met a friend who was working on Ruby and told me "Bro, I felt that why write 4 lines of code, when you can do that in just 2. That's why I like Ruby." Now that was all I wanted to hear, and next day I started learning Ruby on SoloLearn. And within a week, I gave up. I just couldn't find the motivation to keep things going. So as an alternative of programming, I learnt Photoshop and that made me really good at Graphic Designing.

For 1 straight year, if somebody would ask me "What's you best skill?", I'd reply Photoshop. I started working with few clubs of my college as a Graphic Designer too. But then not being good at C++ was a pain in my ass. Two years of my college were gone and yet, I was standing there with almost zero programming skills. I had to do something for that to land a good job and then I was going through bad phase.

All these things depressed me and me having just no one to talk to made it worse. I isolated myself for days just for self enlightenment. Finally I decided, weather I like it or not, I'll start learning Python and at least complete the course. Even if I don't like it, I'll still complete the course. Udemy helped my choosing the right course and I started learning it.

Now I don't know what I was doing, How I was doing it but I finished that 16 hour course in just 10 days. I was so happy after that. Finally I had knowledge of a good programming language. But now what? What am I going to do ahead was a big question in my mind.

Python came up with answer only. I started doing competitive programming in Python on Hackerrank and in just 3 days, I earned my 5 Star Gold badge. Then I moved on to Data-Science where I learnt Numpy, Pandas, and many other libraries. Now I've been working in python for a long time, I've finished a lot of projects like a Chat-bot, Personal Assistant, Chat-room application, etc and I really feel like python was the love I needed in my life to step up.

It is a really easy language to learn and practice. And the biggest thing I learnt from all this is it's never too late to begin. You just need to put yourself into things to make yourself better. And it's okay to give up on things too.


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