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How Hashtags can Improve Your Instagram Growth (Case Study) by@antonio

How Hashtags can Improve Your Instagram Growth (Case Study)

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Growth #hacker - Bringing you insightful reads on the biggest growth tips

We wanted to conduct this experiment to show you how you can use organic and genuine techniques to explode your reach on Instagram with very simple techniques, helping you grow with real Instagram Followers.

Through simple steps on Instagram, Ofri Cohen managed to grow a significant community in the fashion niche. She relied on the use of trending hashtags, with a wide range of difficulty variations (We will explain this later what this means). There is enough evidence to convince you that your posts will garner a lot of traffic through hashtags. Okay so let’s get started:


Thought-out this article I’m going to cover and explain how you can go viral with some really simple techniques on Instagram which can be applied to any social media platform really.

This client’s account was used for a study where she made posts with and without hashtags. Using the HashtagsForLikes hashtag automation tool, the following results were recorded:

1. The post with hashtags was discovered by four times more the number of genuine accounts. Which helped grow her following by more than 20,000 users.

2. The post garnered twelve times more the number of followers.

3. The impressions on the account were boosted three times more through hashtags.

The study was conducted around ten times with different sets of tags for each round. The idea portrayed is that Instagram is quickly shaping the marketing world, and an account owner simply has to watch out for the latest updates at all times.


While setting up an account, a blogger will not have any followers. In fact, many fraudulent agents will approach your account to try and fleece you of cash due during these desperate times. This was the same case with Ofri Cohen and Spotlite Time when they were starting off with 0 followers.

With time, she managed to grow 100k followers with the help of our hashtag tool. It was a great lesson to her after she identified that more specific content would attract a loyal pool of customers. However, it was not clear whether the 100k audience would subscribe to the goods that she was posting.

The strategy was to create relevant content for designers who would pay her for every post she placed on the Spotlite Time account. At that time, she had not discovered the secret of using multiple hashtags; instead, she stuck to just one set. As a fashion blogger trying to put up an image for herself, Ofri ought to have done more. Therefore the challenge was presented through the following goals:

  1. Use of hashtags in the determination of the niche.
  2. Try to stand out in overly competitive hashtags and what hashtags we’re easy to get exposure from within relevancy (hashtag scoring helped us identify a mixture of hashtags to use)
  3. Streamline the account to suit prospective customers

The challenge was met through a set of solutions.

Solutions – Breakdown of strategy 

The most appropriate hashtags were deployed as a strategy to counter the challenges. You are guaranteed of success in your venture if you try out these proven steps:

1. Reserve some hashtags for your specific niche

It is not advisable to adopt hashtags that are too popular. They may earn you some quick and easy likes, but they don’t represent an authentic audience. For instance, most of the likes will come from users who are not interested in your product. Popular hashtags are overused, and they may not last for a day after you have posted your images. In some cases, they get banned quickly because of their spammy nature.

If you need your followers to engage genuinely on your product, use a simple rule that expects you to use just 3-9 popular hashtags with a combination of hashtags related to your niche. Be keen to study your competitors and identify what they are mentioning. The Hashtagsforlikes tool will come in handy to help you search for relevant keywords. Fortunately, this tool will suggest genuine hashtags that have not been banned.

2. Classify your hashtags according to the types of content

There were several reasons why the decision to set aside hashtags was very crucial. First is that the audience for Spotlite is diverse, ranging from photographers, stylists, fashion enthusiasts and designers.

Second is that Spotlite tries to gain an audience from across the world, including countries like Germany, France and Italy. These objectives inform users to generate hashtags depending on the audiences and the locations.

The hashtag generator has come as a savior to many people because one can even type some keywords and receive trending hashtags in their native languages.

3. Hashtags for branded campaigns

Branding your hashtags will build a loyal community of followers. Spotlite has achieved bigger fortunes through this step because most new clients are assimilated into the brand through hashtags.

4. Experimenting what hashtags to use (possibly the most important discovery)

This was without debt what exploded our reach, after conducting 100’s of experiments with different hashtag sets, we discovered we needed to use the perfect mixture of hashtags.

Additional Strategies to find the best hashtags

URL search – Instead of uploading an image, you can simply place the IG post using a link. It is more ideal if you do not have a picture saved in your device.

AI-based hashtag finders – this tool is workable, especially when you have no idea where to start from. You simply have to type in a relevant keyword, and the Instagram algorithms will find you the most appropriate hashtags. You may be required to use the manual way of sorting them out because the system does not guarantee perfection.

Hashtag Analytics – for you to get a fruitful campaign, you must view data that is properly organized. When you click on the hashtag, you will see various options, including tags that have been posted and those that are related to the current tag.

Difficulty scoring – What was the secret weapon was the fact that HashtagsForLikes offers hashtag scoring, this helped her identify “long-tail” easy-to-rank hashtags which on scale helped her attract thousands of followers to her profile and widely grew her reach.

Now, she did not only use easy to rank hashtags, she used a mixture (Easy around 40% – 12 hashtags, 30% medium – 9 hashtags and 30% hard – 9 hashtags). This gave her the ability to leverage easy hashtags to get momentum on her upload, which helped her appear in medium and hard to rank hashtags surging her reach, as these get far more exposure naturally.

The Results

After a study that was conducted in two weeks using the Generator smart tool, the following results were recorded:

  • Impressions boost had improved three times
  • 500 more publications about the brand were registered
  • Within a month, followers had increased by 20k.431 people began following #spotlighttime tag

Hopefully, the tips held within this case study will help transform your growth on Instagram. These real organic techniques should help build a strong following for your profile.

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by Antonio @antonio.Growth #hacker - Bringing you insightful reads on the biggest growth tips
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