How Do I Best Secure My IoT Devices? by@mobidev

How Do I Best Secure My IoT Devices?

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The Internet of Things plays a key role in digital transformation. In many cases, organizations realize that they already have a large fleet of legacy IoT devices that have been gradually deployed over the years. Many of these devices may not have been designed with security in mind. One of the biggest concerns of IoT is managing the risks associated with a growing number of IoT devices. Information security and privacy issues related to IoT devices have attracted global attention, because of the ability of these devices to interact with the physical world. IoT vulnerabilities continue to emerge, making it critical for manufacturers to emphasize IoT security by design. IoT vulnerabilities have been discovered and exposed across many industries. These vulnerabilities threaten sensitive data as well as personal safety. Without a doubt, the Internet of Things is a prime target for hackers in 2022, and any organization that produces or uses these devices needs to be prepared.

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