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How Business Can Find a Strong Professional: 3 Practical Ways

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People now share an enormous amount of information online. Despite this, finding the contacts of candidates who are likely to be employed, is not an easy game. Several means of solving this problem are described below.

Email search by corporate domain

In order to find and hire candidates, you may need to know the employee’s work email. Searching manually, from scratch, is really time-consuming. So, services that search by corporate domains (such as well-known Hunter.io) will help you out. Just put the domain of the desired company into a search string and the system will provide a list of related emails.

In this case, a user’s most frequently used email will be displayed first. It comes in handy if the system hasn’t found the targeted person’s contact. However, if you know the pattern of companies’ addresses, it is easy to match it manually or in a special generator, like Name2Emai.

The alternative here is Snovio, which is also able to give out different email addresses by the domain of a specific company.

In addition, it’s possible to use Chrome extensions to get addresses just by clicking the icon when visiting the company’s website.

This service helps you to find a company’s employees’ email address which matches an indicated profile. This search doesn’t require the name of a particular company. Instead, the user needs to specify a targeted domain, organisation scale, and location. Then the recruiter will receive a generated list, fitting the company’s description and will be able to contact their employees.

Both Hunter and Snovio carry out mass email searches on pre-generated lists.

Another option here is VoilaNorbert, finding emails on the Internet by the first name, the surname, and the domain.

The same thing applies for AnyMailFinder.com and FindAnyEmail.net. The latter is linked to Gravatar (social resource) and displays the user’s avatar if the result matches.

Boolean search

It’s possible to set complex Google search queries by specific operators, like Boolean search. This is a very powerful search tool which helps to find the perfect candidate’s contact information and the results may be filtered by different parameters, e.g. skills and location. But there’s a problem: setting accurate and efficient search parametres requires a working knowledge of the tool and a recruiter doesn’t always have time to study complicated operators. Therefore, the Boolean search in Snovio was automated by Linker module.

The system has three filters making accurate search queries: position, skills, and location. For instance, if you need a web designer from Seattle working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, this tool will really help you out. By the way, Linker can exclude candidates with certain skills. If you need a project manager who didn’t move to this position from a programmer’s one, you can eliminate programming skills.

Email Sourcing of social media users

Social media can be a great source of candidates’ contact information. However, the data volume is so large that recruiters often fail to process it manually. It is better to use automation tools, like AmazingHiring.

The system can search contacts in several social media. First of all, in LinkedIn, the most popular source of all recruiters all over the world. The system automatically finds the emails of relevant users:

This service automatically analyses the information of the candidate profiles from different sites and combines them in one. It also includes contact information.

In addition, Snovio has automated candidate searches on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The advantage of this service is the option of sending direct emails.


Quite often, its very difficult to hire a strong professional. The first step here is to find suitable candidates and then contact them. It’s time-consuming and sometimes difficult, but different automation tools really come in handy to save you time.


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