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Hackernoon logoHow Basma Is Helping To Fight COVID-19 in Bahrain

How Basma Is Helping To Fight COVID-19 in Bahrain

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Hello to all Hackernoon-ers πŸ‘‹

Hope you are all doing well during the lock-down days and making the most out of your time at home 🏠!

I have been a regular reader/follower for this awesome website since its early days on a daily basis, and have witnessed the shift from Hackernoon 1.0 to Hackernoon 2.0.😍

With that said, thanks to every single person working behind the scenes to make this website great 🌟

Today, I am taking off the hat of a reader, and wearing the hat of writers for the first time. I will be introducing you to a great project that I and 3 of my colleagues have worked on earlier this year🀠.

Meet Basma (Basma = Smile in Arabic) πŸ˜€

Basma is a tech-startup that offers a cloud-based video customer service (Video Call Center) platform catered for multiple industries.

Basma was created to simplify and speed up the implementation of remote working and social distancing policies, urged by governments across the world and recommended by medical experts. The platform enables organizations to launch a fully virtual branch in less than 5 minutes and start serving customers via video calls. This is all through a simple and instantly accessible SaaS Web-based interface without the need to download or install an app!

Basma platform consists of two components, a Video Call Center that acts as a virtual branch, and a smart virtual assistant (Chatbot) that can be integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, and websites. These two services enable service providers to transform digitally in no-time with very minimal costs, facilitating the latest cloud technologies.

We were honored to provide our services to The Ministry of Health in Bahrain (a very small country in the Middle East; in case you just heard of it 😜 ) as one of the early adopters. The Ministry of Health has been actively using Basma since April 2020 to conduct Tele-Consultations for their primary care patients. πŸ₯

Today, after more than 2 months of going live, Basma helped multiple providers perform a total of more than 6000 calls virtually. In other words, Basma helped 6000+ customers benefit from different services with convenience at home without the need to physically visit a branch or a hospital, and thus lowering the potential of spreading COVID-19.

What makes us more proud is that the Virtual Call Center is being utilized by people of different age groups, even seniors in their 60s and 70s. πŸ€—πŸ˜Ž

It is no doubt that COVID-19 had a big impact on our lives and lifestyles, but it has also opened the door to many opportunities in various industries for process re-evaluation and service/product improvement.

We at Basma believe that we can help organizations from various industries continue offering their services virtually during these tough days.

Interested to know more about us? 😍

Feel free to visit Basma for more, or you can reach us out at

Stay Safe πŸ™πŸŒΉ


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