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How AI Hacks Your Smartphone Camera

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@brianwallaceBrian Wallace

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It’s tough to capture the perfect image, especially with your phone’s stock camera hardware. In fact, don’t even think about getting quality footage if your smartphone is more than a couple of years old. Now, this isn’t to say you should go out and purchase an upgraded generation of your device. Instead, I’m going to let you know how you can obtain the quality of a professional photographer with your current device by downloading AI-powered apps and installing aftermarket camera hardware. Let’s dig in.

It’s 2020, so one of the worst things you can do is let your selfie game struggle. 68% of people edit their photos before sharing on social media, but not everyone is using the best technology to do so. Available on both iOS & Android, Cymera Camera can enhance the quality of your front-facing images. Cymera Camera comes equipped with a suite of tools for retouching, light effects, and stickers. If you’re looking for more advanced selfie hacks, the champs use Moment Pro - also available on both iOS & Android. Moment Pro offers multiple capture mode, supports RAW images, files, and video, and even allows you to personalize your presets or adjust each image with full manual controls.

Additionally, combining upgraded camera hardware with your photo enhancement apps can make your photographs even sharper. Don’t be confused, upgrading your hardware does not mean replacing your phone. If you’re looking to shoot professional-quality videos or photos, purchasing a few accessories can help you get there.

For example, purchasing a clip-on ring light to improve the lighting in your photos. Of course, a stand-alone model will work, but you may not always be near a wall outlet or have the means to transport it. Mobile ring lights are often inexpensive and are the key to any portrait or close-up photo. Furthermore, add-on lenses can improve the quality phone’s stock camera, also allowing more versatility and control over the effects you take photos with. Consider adding an ultra-wide, fish-eye, or macro lens for more options in your photography. 

Of course, these aren’t the only methods in hacking your phone’s camera quality. Upgrade your smartphone camera quality by reading more below:


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