House of Legends NFT Joins Forces with 10+ Brands to Bring Clean Water to 1 Million People by@cryptounfolded

House of Legends NFT Joins Forces with 10+ Brands to Bring Clean Water to 1 Million People

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Can projects in the virtual world change the real world for the better? If you look at what House of Legend (HOL) has been up to, then the answer appears to be a clear yes. Ever since its launch, the project has been leading the way on how to harness the potential of  NFT, art, and blockchain technology to address pressing humanitarian challenges.

To this end, it has garnered the support of several like-minded organizations that want to give back - including global NGOs as well as major brands in the finance and crypto industries. With a growing list of brands partnering with their social impact initiatives, HOL could well be on its way to creating one of the biggest philanthropic collectives in the NFT space.

About House of Legends

House of Legends, and the production house behind it, Meta-Brothers, hosts a unique collection of super-rare NFT artworks. Their one of its kind collection of quirky pop art depicts some of the most inspirational men and women in history, such as Oprah, Elon Musk, Sigmund Freud, Frida Kahlo, and Leonard Cohen, among others. And the creative force behind this unique collection is the award-winning, Forbes 30-under-30 digital artist Amit Shimoni, who is HOL’s chief art director.

Unlike other NFT-auctioning platforms, HOL looks to make a real difference in people’s lives with every sale. The project redirects a portion of its  NFT sales proceeds towards building clean water wells for communities in need across Africa and India. This way, it can provide access to clean, safe water for life to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that 1 million people in remote communities never have to worry about the lack of potable water ever again. By doing this, they hope to help improve their lives and increase the chances of building a brighter future for their families.

Here are some of the brands, organizations, and projects accompanying House of Legends on their mission to build a better future for those in need.



One of HOL’s most important collaborations is a close partnership with Drop4Drop, a charitable community development organization dedicated to fighting the global water crisis by building sustainable water projects in communities across the world. . Its goal is to provide #cleanwaterforall and help the nearly 663 million people worldwide access safe, drinkable water.

So far, House of Legends and Drop4Drop have helped build 8 wells to provide over 8,500 people with clean water for life. Their projects extend to South Sudan, Gambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, India, and beyond. Easy access to safe water sources will help these communities thrive and develop sustainably. 

HOL distributes 100% of funds raised from the sale of charity NTFs towards its clean water wells operations with Drop4Drop. Therefore, every NFT sale can help change the lives of people in need.


eToro is among the most renowned and secure investment platforms worldwide. Its goal is to educate people about investments, assets, and financial options and support their ventures in numerous sectors.

The platform launched in 2007 to disrupt the world of trading. From the get-go, it offered a cutting-edge dashboard with advanced tools for investors and traders. Meanwhile, it helped newcomers have a better understanding of the financial world. Over the years, eToro transformed into a multi-asset, social, and investment platform seeking to help users connect, share and learn.

In 2021, eToro celebrated reaching 20 million active users. Today, you can use the platform for stock investments and trading in cryptocurrencies, commodities, fiat currencies, etc.

Desperate Ape Wives (DAW)

Desperate Ape Wives is an established lifestyle project connecting the real world to the Metaverse. Its goal is to build an engaged, community-driven brand around a unique collection of 10,000 super-rare NFTs of female apes boasting influential trends.

DAW stands out through a versatile selection of NFTS showcasing different appearances and attitudes. This way, anyone can find a quirky, lovable character to identify with and add to their select collection. Furthermore, DAW aims to make a difference in the world beyond NFT collectors. For instance, it donates to community-chosen cancer charity organizations and urges holders to use their DAW NFTs as the faces of their charitable initiatives.

Galaxy Eggs

Galaxy Eggs is a collection of rare 9,999 NFTs (Eggs) in the Metaverse from the (art)ificial art studio. Its genesis collection represents unique depictions of unknown worlds and creatures with sci-fi and mythological motifs. 

This initiative aims to explore the endless possibilities and potential of blockchain technology and the Metaverse. Furthermore, it seeks to create and support many other Metaverse art ventures. Galaxy Eggs buyers and NFT holders also enjoy access to exclusive merchandise and apparel representing Galaxy Eggs art.

The Galaxy Eggs NFTs is the brainchild of  Gal Barkan, a multi-faced and acclaimed art director, visual designer, and composer. 


CryptoDads is a quirky and unique collection of 10,000 rare and randomly-generated NFTs depicting s of the greatest dad figures of all time. The project’s humorous and inclusive approach to the world of NFTs makes it stand out in a crowd of NFT collections.

Currently, CryptoDads is building exciting new projects in NFT World in the Metaverse and expanding its NFT art gallery with a brand new collection, CryptoMoms. Furthermore, the project seeks to go beyond digital, with limited releases of special edition energy drinks, whiskey, merchandise, and more. 

CryptoDads’ contributions to humanitarian causes include a $30,000 donation to Movember to support mental health and suicide prevention for men and boys and the strategic partnership with House of Legends to bring clean water to a village in India.


Surreals is a collection of 10,000 generative portraits available as NFTs on Ethereum. They stand out through their surreal and vintage aesthetic that’s inspired by nature. Furthermore, they consist of a combination of randomly-assembled hand-painted parts. This way, each Surreal NFT is unique and a rare work of art.

The team also plans to establish a ‘Print Portal’ on its website in the near future. This feature will enable NFT holders to bring forth their Surreals into the living world by creating physical copies.

Chameleon Collective

Chameleon Collective is a collection of 10,000 NFTs depicting quirky chameleons, the hand-drawn brainchildren of talented artist Zach Bush. Each Chameleon is rare, unique, and valuable, providing holders with sustainable, long-term growth. In total, they have over 850 different traits and colors available.

The Chameleon Collective also represents a strong community in the NFT space. Its goal is to develop into an outstanding collection of 3D Chameleons with practical use within the Metaverse. The team will also create "Chamagotchi," a digital Chameleon pet inspired by the legendary Tamagotchi toys of the 1990s. The NFTs will be available for sale at .025 ETH for Chameleon holders and 0.05 ETH for non-Chameleon holders. Most importantly, 10% of the proceeds will go towards charitable initiatives.


MetaGuardians is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTS featuring 3D hero-like avatars that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They represent character collectibles that also serve as the holders’ tickets to the platform’s exclusive content. The project is currently developing its Metaverse, additional avatars, and an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game.

MetaGuardians features a 3-tier access program (silver, gold, and platinum) in which users enjoy a variety of benefits. For instance, the Silver tier provides players with a mint and rewards pass of 2.5% and small game bonuses. Gold tier users enjoy a 5% mint and reward pass with medium bonuses. Meanwhile, Platinum users enjoy a 10% mint and reward pass with large game bonuses.

 Ethereum Towers

Ethereum Towers is a community-centric, vertical megastructure of 4,388 apartments and several communal areas in the upcoming Ethereum Worlds Metaverse. The project will enable users to own virtual properties, which will be built based on designs by award-winning architects.

The two Ethereum Towers will feature 101 floors, each consisting of three types of apartments, Standard, Luxury, and Penthouse. However, their owners will be more than just NFT owners - they will also be part of a thriving,  supportive community spearheading the Metaverse expansion.

 Humans of the Metaverse

Humans of the Metaverse represents a growing community of over 6,500 people building the Metacity, an innovative structure in the virtual space. This ecosystem will feature familiar, fully-functioning edifices and locations of real-world places, such as banks (Metabank), museums (Metamuseum), event halls, and more.

The Humans of the Metaverse will have to hold and spend $HOTM, the platform’s ERC-20 token, to access the ecosystem. In return, they will access various earning opportunities backed by the ecosystem’s growing economy. For instance, they will be able to buy virtual real estate or take part in NFT auctions.

Other strategic partnerships that HOL is part of include collaborations with DAW, Surreals, SODA, Foxy Fam, DeFi Rangers, Rexemonz, DegenzDen, Buzzed Bears Hideout, CryptoHavenz, Rich Gator Golf Club, Panda Paradise, Pepper Attack, Museum, MCOrigins, Wizard Collective Treasury, MishkaVerse, and MetaWatches.

Leading the House of Legends operations is CEO Tamara Yannay, an experienced NFT entrepreneur with a background in blockchain technology, digital marketing, and - interestingly - military photojournalism with the Israel army. As someone whose personal and professional journeys took her to various corners of the globe, Tamara soon realized that even in the digital age, there are countless people still struggling for the bare necessities of life.

Today, Tamara uses her strong business acumen to not only provide growing value to the holder of HOL NFTs, but to also help provide access to a safe water source for disadvantaged communities. The next mission on Tamara's agenda is exploring clean energy solutions, focusing on solar energy in particular. 

House of Legends NFTs have a current floor price of 0.05 ETH, making this a great time for NFT collectors to invest and join the community. 

You can find out more about House of Legends here:

| Website | OpenSea |Twitter | Discord| Instagram|

Studio Shimoni and Hipstory:

| Website | Instagram| Facebook|

Also, discover more about Meta-Brothers here:

| Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram|


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