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Holochain Community Hackathons

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Holochain Hackathons promote a sense of building, community and collaboration and perhaps most importantly — they’re fun! Whether you want to learn more about Holochain or you’re an experienced Holochain developer ready to launch your next great idea, we would love to see you at our next Hackathon. The possibilities for what hApps can be created are truly endless and we’re so excited to see what you will build next. Join us for an agent-centric, self-organized experience and hands-on learning about Holochain!

How does it work?

Our Hackathons are 2.5 days of collaboration with teams of people building projects and infrastructure for the Next Net. Whether you come with an idea, project or team — it doesn’t matter. Everyone has the opportunity to learn by doing at our events. For folks that aren’t sure they can/want to attend the whole weekend, we welcome folks to come on the first night for our introduction to Holochain and project-brainstorm breakout sessions to see if they’re interested.

Who can come?

We want the Next Net to be built by a community representative of global diversity. We welcome all who participate constructively in our community, including but not limited to people of varied age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. People of all ages are welcome — yes, even kids! We welcome you.

You don’t need to have experience working in Holochain, or be a developer- regardless of your background, you will have the opportunity to learn by doing. Our attendance usually consists of developers, entrepreneurs, project owners, activists, artists, designers and more.

Our participation guidelines ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome. We’re always working to improve the experience at our events. If you have an idea, concern or question about our Hackathons’ inclusivity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

What are some things people have done at past Holochain Hackathons?

Oh, we never thought you’d ask! First, like we mentioned earlier, some people come with a team and a project in mind that they’re ready to get going on. Others come solo and find a project they’re passionate about and a team they vibe with during our brainstorming sessions. We’re proud to say that our community has developed a bunch of really interesting projects at our events, and often times the project doesn’t end when the Hackathon does — people keep collaborating and building well after the event has ended. Some exciting projects we’ve seen that are all developed as fully distributed, peer-to-peer apps are:

· YouTube Clone

· Reddit Clone

· Chat Apps

· Games Apps

· Social Activism Apps

· Password Management App

· So many more

We know there’s an entire world of possibilities that can be built on Holochain and we’re excited to see what you can create!

Ok, I’m Interested… but, how much does it cost?

We want our events to be accessible so we keep our registration fees on the low-end of the range of similar events cost locally. All our events are run on a non-profit basis with the registration fees going towards the cost of the event space, food, and materials. 

 We also have scholarships available for folks that cost is still a barrier. We invite you to reach out to us at to learn more. 

Are there any upcoming Hackathons?

Yes! There are two Holochain Hackathons ‘Spring Edition’ happening in:

Seattle — March 13th — March 15th — Get tickets here

NYC — March 27th- March 29th — Get tickets here

Also we have a small gift for Hacker Noon Hackathon goers, Seattle Hackathon 33% off discount code: REIhack

Pssst don’t tell anyone ;) Just kidding! Feel free to spread the love!

Don’t see a Hackathon in your area?

Why not organize your own? For communities with an active Holochain meetup group, who want to organize their own Hackathon, reach out to to start organizing your Hackathon.

Imagine what you can build!


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