3 Key Questions You Need To Answer Before You Push That Code by@tengine8000

3 Key Questions You Need To Answer Before You Push That Code

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3 Key Questions You Need To Answer

Tak, tok, trak, tok, tak, trak, taka, tak, tok, trak, tok, tak, trak, taka, tak… goes the sound of your keyboard as your fingers hit the keys like a chicken voraciously picking its food.

You are under a lot of pressure and in a race to beat the looming deadline.

But wait for a second, my friend!

Before you commit that code and push it to the server deployment, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is that piece of code optimized for scale? Space and Time complexities…
  2. Have you tested it in all possible ways you can? Happy paths as well as edge cases…
  3. How much work do I need to do when the next change (and deadline) comes around? A handful of files or a multitude of them…

“Hey, Emmanuel,”, you say, “these are all nice and good, but my deadline is right in front of me”.

Well, that seems true, but we know the downsides are real and can get messy.

There is really no reason or excuse to push poor-quality code. You will later spend a lot more time later debugging or rewriting your code.

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