Hmmm.. A tough industry to be in?? by@Ampedify

Hmmm.. A tough industry to be in??

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Having No Idea…..

Where do I start? How do I begin? Who do I approach? Who do I talk to? — is one of the few questions that any aspiring musicians, music professionals and businesses asked themselves when they first step foot into the industry.

It all looks so easy when you’re watching Youtube or some biography movie but the reality is quite the opposite. For anyone aspiring to be in the music industry, the struggle is as similar as starting your own business. While there is an endless supply of advise and platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs, there aren’t many that helps those aspiring musicians and music professionals.

It’s An Unfair Trade?

Well, it’s not. You may think you are better than some of those recently discovered musicians out there and you might believe that it all comes down to luck. It certainly doesn’t really help when what we usually read about is how established musicians and professionals getting all the opportunities thrown at them while you’re not getting any. Struggling just to get heard or noticed among all the other aspiring musicians out there.


3 in every 10 aspiring musicians and music professionals will abandon their pursue in music just because it’s too hard and the numbers are rising every year. There has been a huge drop in the number of musicians and music professionals from 2012 to 2013 in the US — 67,040(2012) to 62,450(2013); over 4,500 drop in one year. These numbers are in the US alone and we are certain that the global numbers are no less different.

Why Is It So Tough??

Some may say that it’s part and parcel of starting out as a musicians and / or music professionals. Yes, hard work plays a major part of your career but it is 90% of it, but the remaining important 10% (which many of you ignores) is all about connecting and communicating with the right people within your music scene. If you’re looking for a metal drummer to start your own band, do you approach a folk guitarist and ask him if he or she knows how to play technical metal drumbeats? Of course not! This is the reason why most musician fails and inevitably leading them to abandon this pursuit.

DIY Music Platform..

Since the introduction of MySpace, iTunes, Reverbnation and many more music platforms, musicians and music professionals are making it much easier for them to do anything themselves. From promoting, distributing and grow the number of their fans or followers, musicians are getting more things done with lesser amount of cash than ever before.

Though these platforms are great at their specific tools and functions, musicians and music professionals still find it hard to connect to their music scene. While MySpace and Reverbnation allows you to promote your music, but it still doesn’t gets you connected to your music scene. iTunes allows you to distribute your music, but how can you ensure that your are able to sell to your target listeners? Unless you’re connected with your music scene, musicians and music professionals are still finding it hard to grow.

Be Connected. Learn About Your Music Scene.

The whole process will be a whole lot simpler when aspiring musicians and music professionals are automatically connected to your music scene the moment that they decide to take the leap into the industry. That is what Ampedify is all about. Ampedify connects you to your music scene even when you don’t know where to start looking. Our platform gets you connected with organizers, other musicians, music professionals and businesses. You’ll get the latest updates and you can explore endless opportunities that are available for you.

In Conclusion..

So is the music industry a tough industry to be in? Yes. But so is any other industries out there. It has nothing to do with luck. Hard work is a must in any field you’re in and so is connecting with others. Let other people help you with your career. Leverage on the opportunities out there. Start connecting with other people within your music scene and explore endless opportunities that could take you further in your music career.

Get Connected. Be A Part of Your Music Scene. >>

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