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Here’s Why Blockchain Will Become a Necessity for Recruitment

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@aworkerAnton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker

Written by Aleksandrova Serafima

The blockchain is undoubtedly a buzzword not only within the tech community but also the wider world. A wave of technological disruptions will soon change the current HR algorithms. While AI is already making big changes, Blockchain will revolutionize the way data is stored and shared. The words which were only used by some communities, these days they are known by (almost) everyone.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a unique technology for storing data in which there isn’t one aggregate server. The information is stored on the devices of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people (this depends on the particular blockchain). Blockchain has two core advantages: publicity and reliability. Records can’t be forged since they are stored by all participants in the system.

The decentralized power of blockchain produces a new kind of business that is revolutionizing lots of industries. Blockchain helps to create a new business model that is built on technology, rather than people or top management.

The technology does not receive profits of its own, nor does it make decisions based on emotion or self-preservation. Which is fundamentally important for recruitment, where the subjectivity plays a prominent role in hiring a candidate. It’s still a common practice to choose not the best employee, but the one who knows how to talk their way at the interview. What’s more, the decentralization creates a strong connection between users in a way that makes sharing of information and values seamless and simple. This is another significant issue in today’s HR industry because job seekers keep lying in CV and portfolio to impress the recruiter during the interview.

While there are numerous reasons that Blockchain is a game changer, here are few which will change Human Resource industry:

  • Data transparency. Anytime any participant can have access to the initial data to make sure that they are right.
  • Data reliability. Not any company or person can change the data to their advantage.
  • Automation of processes. The system should work on mathematical algorithms without intermediaries to exclude or reduce to a minimum the human factor.
  • Independence. Data does not belong to any company to maintain objectivity.

Finally, we can say that technology has surely come a long way and the journey of Blockchain has just begun. The relevance of blockchain will soon be required knowledge for all job seekers, regardless of industry or position. Knowing where to fill the gaps of knowledge is one area where a certified career coach, such as those offered by outplacement and career transition service providers, can help job seekers ensure they are the most qualified candidate for any new role.

For the HR professional, knowing how blockchain can be used to streamline processes, create higher levels of security, and innovate processes will ensure future personal success and further position you as a strategic partner in your organisation.

Aworker is a platform that strives to take a big step forward in the recruitment market development. Aworker helps to find the most suitable company and job position based on your professional skills and achievements. Aworkers are no longer tied up to one job, company, city or even continent. Now every worker can prove his/her competence to employers from all over the world. Users can store all diploma, certificates, and other documents proving their competency in the blockchain. What’s more, people can create a wishlist of desired companies and see which skills they have to improve in order to get the job there.

Also, they will be able to earn money by even getting invited to the interview. It is all possible because decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the new professional ecosystem. It makes it easier to pay people for their actions in Aworker platform: with the power of smart contracts payments for acquaintance’s recommendation or coming to the job interview by yourself are automatic.

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