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Have people PAID you for your product or are they “going” to?

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There’s nothing quite like seeing your idea come alive. Putting a product out there is exciting and gives you a feeling of accomplishment!

This is why so many founders I meet who are either technical or non-technical rush into building their product.

They think they know what the customer needs or wants. They have ALL the answers because they’ve personally experienced the customer’s problem or are close to customers who have.

So when I ask if customers are willing to pay for the product, a common response is, “Sure, once it’s out there!”

But why wouldn’t they pay for it before you launch?

Surely if you’re solving the problem they’d prepay, no?

I mean isn’t that why we pay for books before we read them and pre-order products on Amazon and crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

Founders are reluctant to ASK for the sale because deep down inside it means facing rejection and coming to the realization that they might just be building the wrong thing.

But wouldn’t you rather find that out before you invest time and money into building a product?

Well in today’s video lesson, I’m going to share how you can figure out if your product is what customers want and would be willing to pay for!

Once you’ve watched this video, take a moment to share some of the answers to questions I pose in it with me in the comments below.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation there!

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