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Happening Now — A Different Kind of ICO (The First Initial Community Offering)

Mission District, San Francisco — November 20th, 2016 — Micha Benoliel

Help us build the first Citizens’ Network and feed the hungry. We’re donating $1 to the SF-Marin Food Bank for each Noodle! Coins App download in December.

This holiday season, the Nodle Team is building a peer-to-peer network in San Francisco using Bluetooth connections on Android phones. To make it work, we need people to download the Noodle! Coins App and form the first Citizen Network — a network by, for and of the people.

As many of you know, launching an app is hard. How could we make the Noodle! Coins App Launch different?

Help create the first Citizen Network and Nodle will give back to the community with a $1 donation to the San Francisco Marin Food Bank for every new signup.

We considered all traditional avenues for launching a competition on our new mobile app to seed the network. We thought about paying for Facebook Ads, buying a guerrilla marketing campaign to flood the city of San Francisco with logo emblazoned posters, even giving away bitcoins to the winners.

Instead we decided the best way to seed our network was by donating $1 for every new user of the Noodle! Coins App on Android to the SF-Marin Food Bank for the entire month of December. Every dollar donated provides two hearty meals to one of the 225,000 local residents served by this highly acclaimed Food Bank each year. We hope that you let us send tens of thousands of dollars to this worthy cause.

How To Play Noodle!

Noodle! Coins is a combination of virtual currency and Pokemon. By moving around the city of San Francisco, players collect “Noodles”.

This is how the Noodle! Coins App works:

  • Install the Noodle! Coins App (Android only)
  • Click on “EARN NOODLES” to invite friends

Each time someone in the city of San Francisco signs up, we will make a $1 donation. If you invite your friends by sending them a link and they sign up for Noodle! (and join the competition) you earn 50,000 Noodle! Coins and we will make another $1 donation.

The Citizen Network will help your community find lost items, locate the nearest bike to rent, or gather data from local air pollution sensors. Citizens working together will drive down the cost of connectivity and provide a new way for Makers to bring their devices online.

Along with donating to the SF-Marin Food Bank, whomever collects the most Noodle! Coins will be able to exchange those coins for an iPhone X. The competition will end December 31, 2017.

With your help, we hope to make the holiday season better for thousands of people in the city of San Francisco and to seed the first ever Citizen Network to prove that the people power can drive a serious network for the Internet of Things. Please join us.

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