Hacker Noon's Lair on DEN.social is now LIVE!! by@den

Hacker Noon's Lair on DEN.social is now LIVE!!

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Hey writers…have you heard the news? Hacker Noon is hanging out in Den. No, they’re not holed up in some damp, dark cave.

So what’s Den you ask? Well, Den is an alternative social media platform with individual communities called Lairs.

Hacker Noon just landed their own Lair and now we want to talk to you, all the amazing writers in the contributors’ club, about how you can get the conversation going with your readers while grabbing a bit of passive income while you’re at it. Let’s discuss, shall we? 

Den’s primary goal is to provide quality content. (Why do you think we are talking to you! 😉) We’re betting big that a social media marketplace with modeled scarcity and decentralized governance will incentivize good behavior, facilitate the contribution of valuable content for a community, and put decision-making back in the hands of the community.

Den rewards the creation and evaluation of quality content within each Lair. Denizens compete to evaluate content quickly so that the most valuable content is pushed to the top of the feed and is seen by more people.

Denizens are rewarded for their accurate evaluation and that’s where you may have a little more money to spend this summer. 

All actions in Den are on the blockchain with decentralized proof on multiple public networks - Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read the white paper here.

What’s In It For You?

Hacker Noon currently has the Top Story, Programming, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain RSS feeds populating its Lair. Any writer contributing to those feeds will automatically see their posts in Den.

You are welcome to pop in and check out Hacker Noon’s Lair and all the other Lairs in Den. There is no need to sign up and you can explore Lairs here. Once you poke around a bit we’re pretty sure you’ll want to sign up. Just drop your email. 

Once you sign up, you can interact with the community under your article within the Hacker Noon feed. This is where you can reclaim the comment section.

Stop in and say, “Hi!”

Let us know you wrote this amazing article and ask if we have any questions. Find out what we thought and continue the conversation. The community will engage with you about your article and you can turn the comments section into what it was meant to be, a place for valuable feedback. In turn, Denizens will reward you with a bit of extra passive income in your account. 

When you sign up, you’re not confined to the Hacker Noon Lair- although it’s a great Lair.

The entire Den platform is there for you to hang out in. Did you write a cryptocurrency article for Hacker Noon but make a mean Cavatelli? Head over to Creature Comforts and drop the recipe.

As a content creator, the Creature Comforts Lair community will evaluate your dish, and if you leave them drooling, they will reward you. This is true across Den.

Got a hilarious or poignant Meme? Head to Meme.

Love music? Want to talk politics? Like to hike? We have a bunch of Lairs that we are confident you will find something that interests you. If not, we create more Lairs every month, so hang tight.

Learn more about Den platform and the tokens here.

Let’s Take A Moment For Google

We want to take just a second here to give you a heads up. We are sure you know all the ins and outs but to maintain quality SEO we suggest posting original content to Den.

If your original article is on a different platform, like Hacker Noon, and you still want to share it in Den, please do. But just include a thoughtful summary and the link to the original publication.

This way Hacker Noon is happy, Den is happy, and Google is happy.

We all know as long as Google is happy we are all golden. 

But Wait There’s More

Once you’re in Den and you are really digging it- which we know you will- you may want to participate in Lair ownership. Lairs can be purchased or you can take part in our community Lair Creation Process.

Once a month, Denizens propose and bid on Lairs they feel will have the best chance of success in Den. Everyone who bids on winning Lairs will have shared ownership represented by an NFT. Lair ownership comes with Lair rewards, which are also passive income.

You can read more about Lair Creation here

How Much Are We Talking? 

It will depend on your level of involvement, the quality of your posts, and your ability to accurately predict what the Lair community will find valuable.

Our friend Jeffrey is an SEO madman and loves case studies. He started LBTY magazine and made $833 in his first 30 days. It’s a fascinating case study and you can read about it here

We have several Denizens who have made a significant amount of extra income from creating and evaluating content on Den.

Many Denizens have simply reported their rewards based on their observations. Analyzing rewards is easy in the payouts tab as it updates daily. You can see how Denizens share their earnings here, here, and here.

Anything Else?

Yes! Den has none of those pesky pop-up ads that ruin the readers’ experience, taking them away from your article. Den uses an alternative advertising method of boosted posts.

In Den, all ads are boosted posts and evaluated by the community. So if the post doesn’t fit within the culture of the Lair, it will be downvoted and dropped from view.

The cool thing is if you boost a post and it’s well-received, you get up to 85% of your MTR back! So the more engagement the post gets the less you pay.  

Den also has a hybrid governance board. Ultimately, Den is a business. We have a board and operations. But the goal of the Den business is to allow Den to be what it is - a platform of individual communities, each with its own culture.

To support that effort there is a governance board consisting of three types of people with the majority in the hands of the community. 

  • 20 votes from Den itself. This is the business side of Den and will vote from a business perspective. 
  • 20 votes from MTR/ETH liquidity providers. These are community members. 
  • 20 votes from LOR/ETH liquidity providers. These are also community members.

Learn more about the governance board here.

Finally, Den has community moderation and a configurable reputation system. If a platform still has a comment section, it can be a scary place. It’s a shame people have to ruin the conversation.

We know that sometimes, as a writer, you are looking for feedback or to continue the discussion on the topic you are passionate about. Den uses a configurable site-wide reputation system as well as a Lair-based system which is independently configurable based on its culture. This is helpful in two ways.

Actions such as creating a post, making a reply, and adding an image or video will be available only to community members based on their reputation score. This will dis-incentivize negative or inappropriate behavior that the community does not value.

Denizen’s who post replies are evaluated by the community and as such poorly seen comments will drop from view. We’re not saying you will always love the comments but if they are inappropriate the established community will decide. 

Learn more about the reputation system here.

Hackernoon is one of our favorite publications. We love how they are welcoming to writers from all walks of life. This philosophy is in line with Den and we are excited to see our relationship with Hacker Noon and all of its amazing writers.  

About Den

Den.social is a blockchain-based social media platform built on Dragonchain’s hybrid blockchain platform, with diverse communities and free of traditional advertisements.

The platform enables a self-governing and prediction-based marketplace of content creators, engagers, evaluators, and consumers without exclusion by algorithms. It has powerful anti-censorship capabilities, blockchain-based proof reports, and modern tokenized internal economies allowing for a more equal and fair distribution of value.

Proof Reports of every action (Posts, votes, comments, edits, etc) are decentralized to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Community-owned Lairs are represented by NFTs and produce passive income for Lair owners.