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Gratitude — a gratitude journal for the terminal

I’ve recently been trying to practice gratitude regularly to improve my perspective and overall mood. It’s been working out well but I’d continually go through patches where it’d get sidelined or I’d plain forget.

So I built gratitude a very simple cli prompt to ensure I take a moment each day to be grateful.

It’s easy to use, just install it globally.

yarn global add gratitude


npm i gratitude -g

and add it to your shell’s config. Typically ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc

#~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc

You’ll then be prompted the first time you open your terminal each day. It’ll write you answer/s to the json db and keep track of your current streak. If you seriously don’t feel like doing it just ctrl c that shit. Although skipping a day of course break your streak.

It’s also mildly configurable.

| Option | Description               | Default              |
| times | number of prompts per day | 1 |
| db | path to db file | ~/.gratitude/db.json |


gratitude --times=2 --db=/some/folder/file.json


Hopefully I’ll have some time to add some smarter streak counting so you can configure it to ignore weekends etc. It’d also be nice to add some cool cli visuals to represent streaks and the db in general.

Any input or contributions are of course welcome.

Stay positive 👍

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