GitPitch adds support for GitLab and Bitbucket on-premise servers by@gitpitch
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GitPitch adds support for GitLab and Bitbucket on-premise servers

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Activate the GitPitch markdown presentation service for your on-premise GitLab and Bitbucket servers.

If your organization has an existing GitLab or Atlassian Bitbucket server deployed on-premises, this announcement is for you and your team.

Today I am delighted to announce GitPitch Enterprise, providing seamless integration with self-hosted GitLab and Bitbucket servers.


[ Click above image to launch a live GitPitch Introductory Presentation ]

If your organization has an existing GitHub Enterprise server deployed on-premises, see the following GitPitch announcement.

Introducing GitPitch Enterprise

GitPitch Enterprise delivers the same markdown presentation services offered by in the cloud, for self-hosted GitLab and Bitbucket servers inside the enterprise.

The availability of GitPitch Enterprise means you can now get more from your existing investment in your GitLab or Bitbucket server. GitPitch unlocks slideshow presentation services powered by your existing Git infrastructure.

Delivered using Docker Container Technology

GitPitch Enterprise is delivered using Docker, the world’s leading software containerization platform.


This approach ensures your organization enjoys simple and consistent server deployment and management.

GitPitch Enterprise 100% Data Privacy Guarantee

GitPitch Enterprise is a stateless server container, with no external software dependencies. And no outbound or dial-home functionality of any kind.


The GitPitch server reads only repository file data used directly in the rendering of slideshow presentations. And the server never writes data.

Access to presentations within private repositories is managed entirely by Git personal-access tokens that can be granted and revoked as needed.

The stateless nature of the GitPitch server also means the container can be started, stopped, discarded, and restarted at will, without fear of data loss or corruption.

GitPitch Enterprise bundles GitPitch Desktop

In addition to the GitPitch server, an enterprise license also unlocks GitPitch Desktop. The Desktop app allows users to develop, preview, and present slideshow presentations directly on their desktops.


GitPitch Desktop is available on Linux, Windows, and OSX. The Desktop app works both online and offline, so ideal for live presentation environments.

The Fastest Way from Idea to Presentation

GitPitch Enterprise delivers the same software deployed on — an enhanced, production-ready version of the GitPitch open-source server.

If you are interested in discussing deployment or downloading a trial evaluation of GitPitch Enterprise inside your organization, please get in touch and we can make that happen. The GitPitch Enterprise contact form is here.

Thanks for reading this announcement today. Cheers, David.


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