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Gitcoin: Open Source Bounties-Interview & Platform Explanation with Co-Founder Vivek

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@arnav_vohraArnav Vohra

Gitcoin is the easiest way to leverage the open source community to incentivize or monetize work.

Gitcoin is a double sided marketplace that matches employers with talent. Using Gitcoin, employers can find talented individuals to work on their problems and incentivize them to help grow their projects with bounties.

Using Gitcoin, talent can find work at the intersection of blockchain and OSS. They can find a community that cares about building (not speculation) and build relationships and products that positively impact their ability to find work in the blockchain space.

Things discussed in this episode:

  1. What is Gitcoin in brief?
  2. How did Gitcoin project begin and how did you get involved with it
  3. Current situation of funding of open source projects
  4. What problem does Gitcoin intend to solve to eliminate the funding issue
  5. Workflow of funder funding an issue and bounty hunter picking them up (Technically), does the bounty (in ETH/DAI etc.) get locked up in a smart contract?
  6. Who decides that bounty is completed and the hunter should get his crypto — Possible for someone to funder to get the work done but not pay, ways to make the governance process more community driven?
  7. Example of bounties getting fulfilled on Gitcoin currently
  8. Future roadmap, Partnerships (like ECF) and overall vision for Gitcoin going forward

Links mentioned in this episode:

Gitcoin Website : https://gitcoin.co/
Gitcoin Blog : https://medium.com/gitcoin
Gitcoin Slack : https://gitcoin.co/slack

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Channel Link : http://youtube.com/arnavvohra7


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