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Getting Started with the Neuron Language

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A step-by-step guide to developing with Neuron.

Install Neuron


installed, type the following into your command line:

npm install --global neuron-lang

Create a new file

Create a file with the name

. This will contain our program. In the command line, navigate to the directory with the file:

cd path/to/main.neuron

Create a simple Hello, World! program


, type the following:

sayHello {
 log(Hello #0!);

This is the standard function and object syntax, with

being the first parameter passed as an argument to the function
. The function can now be called as follows:


This will now log “Hello world!”

Inline functions

We can create a new function that can return a value as well. In main.neuron:

sayHello {
 return(Hello #0); // or return: Hello #0

log([sayHello => world] in Neuron!);

When run in the command line with

neuron main.neuron
, it should log “Hello world in Neuron!”

Passing multiple parameters

Now we can pipe the output of another function into our


add {
 return(#0 plus #1 is [#0 + #1].);

sayHello {
 log(Hello! It appears as though [add => #0 #1]!);

sayHello(0, 1);

The output of our program should be “Hello! It appears as though 0 plus 1 is 1.”


We can further extend the capabilities of our program with iterators:

for (i => 10) {
 sayHello(#i, [#i  -  1]);

This will now log “Hello! It appears as though 0 plus -1 is 0.” and “Hello! It appears as though 1 plus 0 is 1.” until the iterator, represented by

, has reached nine.

Other features of the Neuron programming language capable of being integrated in our program include conditionals, variables, iterators, and objects.

Running the program

With Neuron installed through

, the file can be executed as such:

neuron main.neuron

What next?

Neuron can be used for web applications in the browser as well. Neuron is an incredibly efficient language for front-end web development. If you are interested in the Neuron language and would like to know more, visit the repository. The documentation contains information about the Neuron language, various tutorials, and a reference for the Neuron language. Neuron is currently under heavy development, and your contributions and support are welcome!



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