#Gaming-Metaverse Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announcedby@hackernooncontests
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#Gaming-Metaverse Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announced

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The #Gaming-Metaverse Writing Contest is hosted by HackerNoon in partnership with Sandbox. It is for all the gaming, metaverse, and blockchain enthusiasts out there to write their hearts out and win up to $2000 worth of SAND tokens from our $5800 prize pool each month (August 1st till October 31st).

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Hey, Gamers! As promised, here are the results of The Gaming Metaverse Writing Contest for Round 1! So, are you one of the 5 winners? Brace yourself and read on!

But first, for those who are reading about the writing contest for the first time, The #Gaming-Metaverse Writing Contest is hosted by HackerNoon in partnership with Sandbox. It is for all the gaming, metaverse, and blockchain enthusiasts out there to write their hearts out and win up to $2000 worth of SAND tokens from our $5800 prize pool each month (August 1st till October 31st).

How to Enter the Contest? Just submit an article to HackerNoon with the #gaming-metaverse tag, and your entry will automatically qualify!

Now, without further adieu, here are the top 10 story submissions this month that generated the most traffic!

Top 10 Gaming Metaverse Stories

The month of August has been amazing! We thank you all for sending in beautiful stories and raising the bar high! WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

So, as per the rules, we chose the top 10 stories using 60:30:10 weightage respectively to:

  • Number of hours read
  • Number of people reached
  • Freshness of the content
  • Here is the list of the top 10 stories that our algorithm picked:

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Gaming & The Metaverse by @manish8227
  2. Why Metaverses are the Next Big Trend After NFTs by @julia-magas
  3. The Rise of NFT-Based Yield Farming in Blockchain Gaming by @haroonbaig
  4. Are NFTs the Next ICO Fraud? by @howardmarks
  5. The Gaming Metaverse and the Rise of Virtual Globalisation by @jackboreham
  6. Why Owning LAND on The Sandbox Could Make You Rich by @tearaven
  7. The Metaverse is Eating the World by @FrederikBussler
  8. A Quick Primer on Play-to-Earn Gaming/NFTs/Metaverses by @falsamusic
  9. How Fortnite Became the Modern-Day Community Center by @Limarc
  10. To the Metaverse and Beyond: The Future of Gaming and Social Media by @cm

La Démocratie

Time for some philosophical questions:

Shall one rely on algorithms completely?

Are algorithms invading our lives?

Are algorithms biased?, etc.

Lol, just joking - to keep the selection process more transparent and to make sure our algorithm is not abused or misused in any way, we have kept the human factor in the selection process. Our editors then voted for their favorite stories from the above list.

Now let's announce the results.

The Results

*Drum roll* *Drum roll* *Drum roll* 🥁

We have Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Gaming & The Metaverse in first place with 25% of the votes!

@manish8227 has won $2000 in SAND. You were a clear winner Reart - rocked both algorithm and human editors.

Blockchain games are a new frontier with limitless possibilities.

Are NFTs the Next ICO Fraud? came in at 2nd place with 18% of the votes.

The NFT marketplace has exploded. People are buying unique virtual artwork on the blockchain and then trading it. Sound familiar? This is what the ICO marketplace was four years ago.

Well, @howardmarks that's a controversial topic you've touched! You won $1500 in SAND.

The stories Why Metaverses are the Next Big Trend After NFTs and The Metaverse is Eating the World secured  14% of the total votes each.

We decided to give Why Metaverses are the Next Big Trend After NFTs the third place because it had more views (algorithmic score, remember!).

The Metaverse is a rocket ship that will propel the popularity and application of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to a whole new level.

Congratulations @julia-magas, for securing third place and winning $1000 in SAND.

With a very close call, The Metaverse is Eating the World ranked fourth.

Ultimately, with firms like Facebook, Apple, and Netflix entering the metaverse space, the virtual world is evolving into a medium that can be used to more effectively engage our humanity. Virtual worlds allow us to transcend geographic proximity and virtually meet people from across the world, achieving solutions without borders.

Yay @FrederikBussler, you have won $800 in SAND.

In 5th place, we have The Gaming Metaverse and the Rise of Virtual Globalisation with 11% of the votes.

Congratulations @jackboreham, for locking in 5th place and winning $500 worth of SAND money.

Let's close this announcement by quoting from Jack's story:

The world will change politically, economically and digitally as a new world is created through a metaverse, shaping power relations, economic ties, and digital advancement. Thus, virtual means of globalisation will change the world.

Congratulations to all the winners! Please contact [email protected] and [email protected] to claim your prizes!

Keep those #gaming-metaverse stories incoming! We have a lot more to give away. Read the full contest rules here.

Till next month - Adios Amigos!