The Art & Crafts of Customizing your Gaming Machine by@shruti-payal

The Art & Crafts of Customizing your Gaming Machine

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I brought my first computer back in 2010. Music, Videos and Software; everything ran so very smooth on it. But later when I realized that I have a gamer living inside my heart it was then when I found out my PC is slow. So slow that even Internet Explorer seems to run too fast than a game on my old computer. 

At that very moment I learnt the difference between a normal computer and a gaming machine. All I needed was a Gaming Machine. (pause)

I Googled, discussed with my friends and eventually ended up customizing my computer for the love of Gaming. 

Over the years even PCs gaming has become more popular unlike archaic days. Back then PC’s were only used for official work but nowadays PC’s are used for gaming, anime, video editing etc. I even saw a paint shop using PC to mix and match color options for wall paints. People are customizing computers to do tons of things, including gaming. 

Nowadays, Gaming has become a part of the lifestyle for Millenials. On average, about 164 million adults in the United States play video games and three-quarters of all Americans have at least 1 gamer in their house. From these facts and figures, we can say that the gaming industry is on the boom and what the future holds for the Gaming Industry.

Just like me, people who are truly passionate about gaming even customize their PCs or gaming machines.

So based on my experiences of buying and customizing gaming machines I’ve curated a list of the Do's and Don’ts of buying components of Gaming Machine. I refer to this as “The art & craft of buying a gaming machine”. Have a look:

What your ideal Gaming Machine is like?


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One that fits the pocket

Needless to say, Budget is one of the most important factors that we have to consider because obviously not all Gamers are rich. You need to figure out how much are you willing to spend and how much power you will actually need. Your budget will determine the type of components that you can afford. 

Which Games you need to play?

The question that should pop out in your mind while buying a gaming machine is the type of games that you will play. If you like to play modern games like Final Fantasy XV or Far Cry then graphics hardware becomes more prominent than CPU. So it is important to know the type of games that you play on your gaming machine.

Do you really need a Gaming Machine?

What if I told you that you don’t need to buy a Gaming Machine? (Please don’t jump to the Conclusion, Read on)

Not all games require Gaming Machines. Some of them you can play on your Computers too. (With some customization, of course)

So if you have a PC or Laptop available with you and your choices of Games doesn’t require those extra features then you’re in luck. It saves money too.

But if you play heavy games that require more advanced technology then you can go for customized gaming machines as they provide a different user experience.

Technical Specifications

One of the main deciding factors before purchasing a gaming machine is its technical factors because the overall performance of a gaming machine depends on the machine configuration. So let us throw some light on the technical specifications that you need to look in a gaming machine.

1. Processor

As the processor is known as a brain of any gaming machine so it is important to choose the right one. If you spend most of your time playing play heavy games and than you should go for fast processors. The two most common processors in PC’S are Intel and AMD. The more core a processor is the better performance it will give.

2. Motherboard

The motherboard of a gaming machine serves as the nervous system which distributes all the commands and instructions to all the components in a machine. A motherboard should be able to handle all the load of the games that are being played and literally, I researched a lot of motherboard before investing in one and finally I came across some of the Best 9990k Motherboards and finally chose one after reading a lot of reviews. 

3. RAM

Games require intense memory processing memory in order to assist processor to perform its task. Games with heavy storage require good RAM modules. If you are planning to purchase AMD’s Ryzen CPU then purchasing a RAM designed for Ryzen. RAM modules are not that expensive it costs you around $40 a piece depending upon its size, speed and timings.

4. Graphics Card

As we all know that gaming is all about visuals for which a high-performance graphics card is a must-have. High performing graphics card tends to perform much better than the low performing graphic cards. Intense gaming graphics require a minimum of 2GB video memory. You can choose from a wide range of graphic cards available in the market like RTX 2060, GTS 1660 Ti which will cost you around $300-400. 

5. Hard Drive

Everyone hates slow loading time especially gamers like me cannot bear with it by any stretch of imagination. I recommend going for SSD because SSD just halves your loading time so that you don’t face any loading issues while playing the game.

6. Select the appropriate case

As a gaming PC’s need a lot of power they tend to generate a large amount of heat so in order to prevent that you need to choose the right amount of case fans. You don’t need to invest a heap of money on buying case fans as a decent case fan just cost $35. 

Though AMD CPUs come with decent stock coolers and Intel CPUs do not come with coolers. So you have to invest a good cooler case and the one which I am currently using is Hyper 212 EVO for $31. Yes, it is affordable without compromising on the quality.

Mistakes you should avoid while buying a Gaming Machine



Looks aren’t everything

Spoilt Gamers don’t go by the look of the design of a gaming machine but it happens almost every time when you are a beginner. Same was the case with me when I just entered the gaming world and was taken away with the designs of the machine. But lessons learnt, always give more precedence to technical features then the looks of the machine.

Plan for the future

Well if you are a true gamer by soul and gaming is your passion, then you need to think about the future because video games become obsolete whenever more advanced versions are launched. Always buy machines with expandable features. Also, buying the latest upgraded version will also make sure that you don’t have to upgrade it too soon.

There is no way to prevent a gaming machine from getting old. So choose the latest version with expandable features.
  • Avoid excess baggage

I am not denying the fact that for a good gaming experience you don’t need to invest but I think that one should not invest unnecessarily on the components that you don’t even need. For instance, you do not need CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives as you will download the game files.


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