GameFi Needs a Multiplayer Real-Time NFT Fighting Game and We're Building It by@battleofguardians

GameFi Needs a Multiplayer Real-Time NFT Fighting Game and We're Building It

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Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is a real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game developed in Unreal Engine and built on Solana Network

As anyone paying attention to the crypto gaming space can tell you, there's no shortage of impressive new titles angling for supremacy in GameFi. And players all around the world are embracing them. Their support has driven the market to unimaginable heights throughout 2021.

But as the calendar turns to 2022, it's become apparent that something's been missing in GameFi. We've seen countless Pokémon-style battling games and Magic the Gathering-style collectible card games, and even a Minecraft-style sandbox game – but one well-loved genre remained conspicuously absent.

And we at Battle of Guardians are going to do something about it by creating something nobody's tried in GameFi.

We're building the first multiplayer real-time NFT fighting game in the world, using the Unreal Engine for the ultimate in realistic world rendering.

And with the support of the Good Games Guild DAO, we'll be bringing it to you this year. Here's everything you need to know about the game and why we think its launch will be a watershed moment for GameFi.

The World of Battle of Guardians

Since we're aware that you only get one chance to build a first-of-its-kind game, we knew that we needed to see to it that every detail was perfect. And that started with our effort to develop the game's world and the lore surrounding it.

The game takes place in an alternate world where humans once lived side-by-side with creatures known as Guardians. As their name implies, the Guardians – who possess superhuman powers and abilities – protected the earth and its inhabitants. And in exchange, they were worshipped as gods.

But humanity eventually began to see technology as a replacement for the Guardians, who gradually disappeared from Earth. But all of that changed when humans inadvertently opened a gate connecting Earth to Hell – touching off a battle for control of the planet, and bringing about the return of the Guardians.

The Main Gameplay Modes

It is against that backdrop that the battles for control of the Earth take place between humans, Guardians, and Demons. And each has a unique set of characteristics that govern their performance in battle. Guardians feature high damage stats, humans rely on high intelligence, and Demons have high health capacities.

The first gameplay mode is a PvE system. Players compete in a 25-stage challenge system against computer opponents who increase in difficulty throughout. And each stage comes with a set reward in the form of $FP, the game's internal points token.

The second mode is a one-on-one PvP battle arena. Players compete against auto-matched opponents chosen by algorithm. To keep things fair, players may only fight against other players with a similar Match Making Rating (MMR). Their rating is established by their PvP performance, which means beating each opponent unlocks stronger future competition. And again, each win earns them a reward of $FP.

Last but not least is our PvP tournament. In it, players compete in brackets consisting of 8, 16, or 32 through a single knock-out system. To participate, they must pay an entrance fee in $FP, with the tournament winner collecting the fees of the group along with a reward of Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) tokens. As the game's primary currency, $BGS is used for all kinds of game-related transactions.

The Battle of Guardians P2E Mechanics

Through gameplay, players can earn both $FP and $BGS tokens. The former allows them to pay tournament entry fees, purchase NFT characters from the marketplace, and synthesize higher-ranked characters by merging multiple low-ranked ones together.

The latter allows players to do all of those things except pay tournament fees – but it comes with some valuable additional features. The first is that it's eligible for staking, which pays players a competitive APY for their in-game earnings. And stakers also become eligible to participate in future NFT drop events, too.

The Battle of Guardians NFT Marketplace

Tying the whole economic system together is the Battle of Guardians NFT marketplace. There, players can purchase characters in packs of three. The packs themselves come in three varieties – common, rare, and ultra-rare. Rare and ultra-rare character packs have the chance to contain high-level characters that give players an instant in-game power boost.

But that's not the only feature of the marketplace. Players can also list their characters and game items for sale there, to earn even more money from their hours of gameplay. And there's another way for players to earn: by renting out their characters to other players in exchange for a split of anything the character earns for them.

The Current Roadmap

What's most exciting to us is that we've gotten a tremendous amount of support for our game concept from the crypto community. That enabled us to conclude our funding rounds and take the first steps toward a token generation event, about which we'll be releasing more information soon. And once we've completed that, we expect to have the first game version – including the PvE challenge system – ready to play very soon.

We've got a team of 20 developers already hard at work building the game assets and characters right now. They're all part of our in-house game studio Miracle Gates Entertainment. The team's already amassed an impressive resume of mobile and desktop games and are bringing their considerable talents to bear on making Battle of Guardians everything we know it can be.

So as we work, we hope to keep building a community of gamers who see the amazing potential of the game – as we do – and who want to be a part of the world we're building. And we hope you'll be one of them. We'll see you in the arena!

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