GAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 3] — New CryptoKingdoms are
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GAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 3] — New CryptoKingdoms are born.

by GAME of CRYPTOSNovember 29th, 2019
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It is the year of the Lord of 2013.

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It is the year of the Lord of 2013.

The world is Fiat.
Fiat is centralized.
And centralization is Corruption, Deception & Serfdom of the people.
But inch by inch, centralization winter is coming…

The House of Bitcoin’s rule was always magnanimous, its power was supreme, it always owned most of Cryptoland.

It’s sole presence was enough to dissipate doubt in the mind of weak warriors, it’s leadership was unchallenged and it’s name was enough to scare any Central Banker.

Many Cryptokingdoms rose anytime a new Bull Market extended Cryptoland over the Fiat territories, but most of these new Cryptos soon failed or were reduced into worthlessness.

Many small Cryptos never survived the dangers of Fiatland. Some others became big on CryptoLand.

The Litecoin Kingdom

The only Cryptokingdom that was always a loyal and close companion to Bitcoin was the Litecoin Kingdom. Inseparable as Silver to Gold, as Sancho Panza to Don Quixote or as Robin to Batman.

Litecoin Kingdom was born October 7 of 2011. It was also a peer-to-peer fully Decentralized Kingdom network secured by Mathematics.

Litecoin Kingdom, as bitcoin does, empowers warriors to control their own finances and helps them get rid of Fiat Debt based Money.

Supported by many Guilds and craftsmen, Litecoin is a proven medium of free and fast commerce complementary to that of Bitcoin Kingdom.

Litecoin Kingdom growed in size since the beginning and reached $1.00 per coin in April 2013.

For long time has been the 2nd largest Kingdom in Cryptoland always following Bitcoin’s steps.

Sir Charly Lee is Litecoin Kingdom’s Lord and has joined Sir Satoshi Nakamoto on every battle.

The Ripple Kingdom: Banksters create their own crypto

Evil Bankers were well aware that a small Money Kingdom was growing out of their Supreme Command. The all-seeing eye of the B.I.S had been mostly ignoring Bitcoin Kingdom.

First they laughed at the idea that a small encrypted program liberated on the internet could overpower their Rule over Money. But in 2012 they got upset with Bitcoin non stop growth and started to fight it.

One of their evil ideas was to create another Cryptokingdom to fight The House of Bitcoin.
This new Kingdom was called Ripple. A Centralized kind of cryptocurrency which they controlled and they could use to compete against Bitcoin.

Bankers, the Money Print Masters, took huge amounts of money and inflated their coin (Ripple) to make it look Powerful in the eyes of Fiatland serfs.

Ripple’s army was mostly bankers paid internet bots with fake accounts. But some Cryptowarriors joined the Ripple Army files, mostly Warriorspeculators that flowed during the short but powerful Ripple bull runs.

Inexperienced Warriorspeculators were left holding their Ripple bags in scaring 98% market drops…

Bitcoin and Ripple warriors yelled to each other:

Bitcoiner — “You are a fuk*** database.”
Rippler — “My fuk*** database is going to surpass your Bitcoin MarketCap!”
— “With over 100 Billion tokens created out of thin air your Ripple shitcoin is going NOWHERE!!!”
— “I will write in my new Lambo plates DATABASE RICH you idiots!”
— “Take your useless centralized piece of sh** and put it on your…” “We are trying to make a money revolution here!”
— “Hahahahahaha, money revolution with 7 transactions per second!!! Hahahahaha”

That was the likeness of their exchanges…

March 28th Bitcoin MarketCap surpasses $1Billion

In 2012 Bitcoin Kingdom has been growing non stop for one year.

But in 2013 prices are Exploding!

Warriors get strong with news of new companies accepting Bitcoin as payment, new Bitcoin exchanges, block size reduction… They also suffer backlashes that make them loose territory, like Bitcoin thefts or also rumours about Fiatland Authorities Regulations.

The Horse-dealer was busy at the end of 2013

Bitcoin's 2013 peak

In March 2013 Bitcoin MarketCap surpasses 1 billion USD. And from October to December 2013 Bitcoin Kingdom increases its size 10 times reaching $1150 per Bitcoin!

Too fast, too soon!

Bitcoin Kingdom could not resist it’s border extension and collapsed back to the $200 in a sad 2014 and boring 2015.


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