GAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 1] - The FiatLand Empireby@Khaleesi
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GAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 1] - The FiatLand Empire

by GAME of CRYPTOSNovember 29th, 2019
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“Since ancient times, those who control the issuance, storage and value of money have ruled over the people’s work.”

The Fiatland Empire is ruled with an Iron fist by Baron of RedShield. Many Kingdoms are part of the empire. Dollar Kingdom is the most important but it is followed by a myriad of other kingdoms: Euro, Yuan, Yen, Pound… All Kingdoms have a private Central Bank from where all power emerges.

Baron of RedShield resides in his castle, the B.I.S. The All Seeing Eye of banking. Very few have reached to the top and no one has ever spoken.

The All Seeing Power of the B.I.S. has three subdivisions of Power. This triangle of authority is called “The Empire of the City”:
1. “The City” State in charge of Money.
2. Vathigan State in charge of Ritual and Mind control.
3. Columbia State in charge of Army and Secret agents.

All three micro-States are inside a bigger city and all three are crowned with a white cathedral with a white dome.

They all have they own guard and their own laws, different than those who rule the Kingdom they live in.

Baron RedShield, with his well equipped Army, his Secret Agent Soldiers, his economic Hit Mans and his team of Media brainwashing opinion makers has been installing Central Banking over the world for centuries.

From Central Banks he gets the source of his power: Fractional Reserve Banking, which is his ability to create money out of nothing and lend it on interest. 

In order to make worthless paper fiat look like valuable money he has been suppressing the price of real historic money (Gold and Silver) and forcing population to use his Fiat paper money through Taxation. That way he has enslaved population and companies to endless paper debt.

This endless creation of paper currency is leading to an exponential growth in money supply, financial derivatives and debt which is going to cause an economic cataclysm and the biggest wealth transfer of history from the ignorant masses to the bankers.

to be continued...

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Disclaimer: The author of GAME of CRYPTOS is associated with HEX on the referral program. Any link to the HEX official website gives you +10% HEX on any buy or FREE claim. Thank you!