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Game Development in 2022: Top 6 Programming Languages

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Are you looking for a suitable gaming programming language? Well,
games are always created by a squad of talented and highly skilled developers. Game development is indeed productive work that requires utmost technical proficiency. So, to work in this domain, coders need effective programming languages that fulfill particular specifications.

But the IT industry comes with a wide range of programming languages. Hence, choosing a suitable gaming programming language is a daunting task. So, to ease your confusion, here are the top 6 programming languages you need to learn in 2022 for impeccable game development.

1. C#

C# is highly scalable, making it one of the most popular gaming programming languages used in a wide range of gaming engines. This language has the XNA framework. In addition, it comprises a runtime environment and a set of tools revolving around Microsoft. Hence, C# is best fitted for developing Windows or Xbox games.

Besides, it has Xamarin and Unity3D game engines, which help coders develop games on all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, or PlayStation. Famous games like Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go
are developed using C#.

2. Java

Owing to Java's rich collection of open-source resources and supreme versatility, it is immensely utilized to develop independent video and mobile games. Moreover, it is not only user-friendly but also beginner-friendly. Also, Java can be used to write an array of reusable system-agnostic code.

As programs in Java run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and get transformed into bytecodes, it becomes operable on any machine. And this aids programmers in developing games on any platform. Games such as Mission Impossible III, Ferrari GT 3: World Track, FIFA 11, and Minecraft have been created utilizing Java.

3. HTML5

It is one of the best gaming programming language options for game programmers to create cross-browser and cross-platform games and apps. Moreover, it can be collaboratively utilized with JavaScript. HTML5 is also
chosen in the game development niche for its top-notch gaming engines.

Game frameworks like Turbulenz, Phaser, ImpactJS, Booty5, and Construct 2 execute the game development procedure in HTML5. Cookie Clicker, World Cup Penalty 2018, and Gods Will Be Watching are popular games built on this language. However, HTML5 is a relatively easier language to learn as it doesn't need sound technical knowledge. So, you can easily follow some easy tips and practices in HTML5 to boost your game development skill using this language.

4. JavaScript

It is another programming language for developing responsive virtual games. It combines web technologies, including HTML and CSS, to build cross-platform mobile games. It is often utilized along with HTML5 as the latter cannot render interactivity or infuse animation effects to games.

Due to its extensive online community and numerous frameworks, JavaScript is widely used. Some distinguished games created with JavaScript include Polycraft, Swoop, Little Alchemy, HexGI, and Hangman.

5. Python

Python is another gaming programming language that follows the OOP principle, though not as popular as others. Besides, it is one of the most flexible and developer-friendly languages used for easy game development.

The PyGame framework of Python enables coders to prototype games rapidly. Also, its easy learning curve makes Python quite famous amongst game creators. A few games developed utilizing Python are Disney's Toontown Online, Battlefield 2, and Frets on Fire.

6. C++

Like Java, C++ is also an effective object-oriented programming language. And it is one of the most challenging languages to learn. However, if you are already a Java programmer, learning C++ becomes easier. And once
you understand it, you can optimally develop high-quality games.

This language helps directly control graphical and hardware processes, making it highly efficient for famous game engines. In addition, it can optimize specific parameters to a very high level, rendering enhanced user experience and game performance. Unlike most other coding languages, this is a unique feature of C++, which allows it to develop big Windows and console games. Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and Football Pro are some games made using this language.


In terms of game development, no gaming programming language is right or wrong. All come with a wide range of features, capabilities, and target
development platforms. Nonetheless, the choices mentioned above are undoubtedly among the most popular gaming programming languages you can learn in 2022.

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by Pascall Ford @pascall1806.Vietnamese Computer Engineer — Graduated from Hoa Sen University in 2012 and has 7 years of experience in IT field.
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