Further Notes on the Principle of Relativityby@einstein

Further Notes on the Principle of Relativity

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At the present time, different opinions are being held about the fundamental equations of Electro-dynamics for moving bodies. The Hertzian forms must be given up, for it has appeared that they are contrary to many experimental results. In 1895 H. A. Lorentz published his theory of optical and electrical phenomena in moving bodies; this theory was based upon the atomistic conception (vorstellung) of electricity, and on account of its great success appears to have justified the bold hypotheses, by which it has been ushered into existence. In his theory, Lorentz proceeds from certain equations, which must hold at every point of “Äther”; then by forming the average values over “Physically infinitely small” regions, which however contain large numbers of electrons, the equations for electro-magnetic processes in moving bodies can be successfully built up.
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