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Functional Programming — The Examples Series

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I’ve been integrating some functional programming techniques into my day-to-day. I’ve been aware of them for a pretty long while (e.g. I’ve been using underscore.js for three years(!) I think). It wasn’t until the recent Fluent conference that I finally got off my mental butt to try and really use them.

I’ve been slow to pick up stuff because I never came across an great real world examples that would amke it obvious. Fluent got me the fire in my belly, so to speak. This information-rich but not super well produced YouTub video (especially the early bits) bridged the gap for me in terms of “map,” “filter” and “reduce.”

The rubber hit the road when I tried and it’s coming together for me. I’m intending to write a series of very short little examples of where I’ve used it and hopefully that will be useful to someone.

Here they are (to be updated over time):

More to come!


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