#FoundersConnect (Music): Rebecca Inyang Junaid Founder of JustJoJo (Music Publishing)by@peaceitimi
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#FoundersConnect (Music): Rebecca Inyang Junaid Founder of JustJoJo (Music Publishing)

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A conversation with Rebecca Inyang Junaid, Founder of JustJojo Entertainment, a music agency based in the UK on career, life and experiences.

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Rebecca Inyang Junaid is an Entertainment entrepreneur who has operated in the Nigerian music industry for over thirteen years. She consistently describes herself as a strong black woman, and has demonstrated expertise and growth in her field.

JustJoJo Entertainment Limited, the agency that she deftly commands, is a registered company in the UK, offering music/video distribution services, publishing, licensing, label/management, promotion and marketing services to artists and creatives everywhere in the world.

In this video, Rebecca highlights her journey into the entertainment business, the impact her company has made in the careers of leading Nigerian musicians, unique experiences as a woman in the industry, as well as pointers on how artistes can excel in the entertainment industry.

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Video timestamps

0:34 Introduction (Founders Connect & Africa Verified)

01:24 How would you describe yourself in a few words?

02:26 Where did you grow up?

03:20 Have you always been interested in entertainment?

05:17 What does entertainment business mean?

10:10 Asides Yemi Alade and Sele Bobo, which other artists do you work with?

11:04 What's your favorite about working in the entertainment industry?

12:23 What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in all these years?

13:54 What similarities or differences do you see in the UK and Nigerian Music Market?

16:31 For people who are looking to break into the industry, what would be your advice for them?

20:10 What has been some of your biggest wins so far?

22:07 Has there been any pivotal mistakes you've made?

24:31 What's more for you?