#FoundersConnect: Moe Odele - Tech Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate & Travel Enthusiast by@peaceitimi

#FoundersConnect: Moe Odele - Tech Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate & Travel Enthusiast

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Peace speaks to Moe "Moechievous" Odele, about her life and career, growing up in a polygamous family, studying law and finding tech law.

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Moe "Moechievous" Odele, is the Founding Partner at Vazi Legal and the founder of Scale My Hustle. Vazi Legal is a foremost tech-focused law firm with practices in Nigeria and the United States. They provide legal services to tech startups, venture capital funds, and other organisations. Scale My Hustle is a social enterprise focused on helping entrepreneurs build better-structured businesses by providing educational content and an online community for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this interview, Moe shares her life and her career journey. From her experience growing up in a polygamous family to studying Law, delving into tech law, and being a human rights advocate.

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Video timestamps

0:00 - Introduction

1:47 - Moe's Background, Childhood, Early Independence, Polygamy

4:19 - Fondest memory as a child

6:14 - School, Studying Law, her Father

9:19 - Anything from Law school or Uni that sticks with her.

10:00 - Finishing Law School and Starting her Career

15:42 - First introduction into tech, getting into Tech Law.

19:45 - Going to Columbia Law School, Gaining more insight into Tech Law

23:40 - The inception of VaziLegal

24:41 - The inception of ScaleMyHustle

26:08 - Where VaziLegal and ScaleMyHustle meet.

27:27 - Building a Personal Brand

30:42 - How she will like to be known, on Impact

33:34 - Why Tech Law matters in her Impact

37:16 - What makes VaziLegal stand out, and what challenges she faced when starting her firm.

42:11 - What she is most proud of

44:42 - Two experiences that have shaped who she has.

48:59 - On Travelling.

51:56 - Lessons from Travelling.

55:30 - The most difficult thing about being Moe.

57:03 - Takeaway points


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