#FoundersConnect - Bayo ‘Lion’ Adedeji: CEO, Wakanow & Founder, Dundu Nation & Wave Beach by@peaceitimi

#FoundersConnect - Bayo ‘Lion’ Adedeji: CEO, Wakanow & Founder, Dundu Nation & Wave Beach

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Bayo 'Lion' Adedeji is the current CEO of Wakanow. Wakanow is Africa's one-stop shop for cheap flights, hotel reservations and airport pickups. Prior to joining Wakanow, Bayo was a Senior Finance Manager at Amazon, in charge of fulfilment supporting product teams in 16 countries.

Before that, he served as a senior finance professional in the consumer retails sector, including with Petsmart and Walmart Stores. Bayo is also a serial entrepreneur; he is the founder of Dundu Nation (https://dundunation.com), a food truck business that can provide local fried yam and plantain in a clean and hygienic environment. In addition, Bayo is also the founder of Wave Beach Lagos.

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Video timestamps

1:30 - Bayo shares his background, growing up, University, etc.

8:07 - Insights from Grad School

12:43 - Bayo's Mega Shoe sale

13:20 - His experience working at Walmart

14:19 - Went to Petman to sell snakes, fish, crickets, etc.

15:26 - Working at Amazon

18:18 - Leaving all the stocks in Amazon

19:59 - What was the change with deciding to come to Wakanow?

22:48 - Why do you quit and what makes you come back?

24:21 - The 5 Ps

26:21 - When you came in to Wakanow as the Chief Transformation Officer, what were the first two things you decided to focus on?

28:03 - You do Townhalls every month at Wakanow, something you learned from Walmart; what other things did you learn from previous jobs that you have implemented in Wakanow?

30:18 - What has been the biggest mistake so far in your career?

33:14 - Tell us about Wave Beach

36:19 - What is your recipe for success?

38:31 - Pivotal moment?

40:38 - What is your advice for people that want to build a career?

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