Fortknoxster: Decentralized, Secure Communication Platform That Does Not Collect Users Data On The…by@cryptoresearch
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Fortknoxster: Decentralized, Secure Communication Platform That Does Not Collect Users Data On The…

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<strong>What is Fortknoxster?</strong>
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What is Fortknoxster?

Fortknoxster is the first decentralized, secure communication and collaboration platform designed to allow participants to exchange information via calls, msgs, emails, group chats, video calls, attachments and p2p file sharing.

The platform utilizes the blockchain to create a peer-to-peer network within which data can be sent using highly secure end-to-end encryption, whilst it decentralizes p2p architecture enables a transparent, self sufficient ecosystem that can be maintained by its users, who are then rewarded for their efforts.

What problems does Fortknoxster address?

Fortknoxster is designed to offer highly secure encrypted communications services to all Internet users, and by replacing free services, such as those offered by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple, that collect user data and sell such information to the highest bidder.

Securing data in this day and age has become more important than ever, and with the Internet of Things connecting almost every electronic device to servers online, there are more and more opportunities for hackers to exploit valuable data.

For example, aside from sensitive data being easily intercepted when not using encryption, the new wave of devices connected to the Internet can easily provide information as your whereabouts, habits, and daily routine.

Encryption is term typically associated with computer scientists and tech-geeks, despite the software being relatively easy to use. Fortknoxster aims to shake this misconception by creating an encryption service that’s marketed to all computer and mobile users, no matter what their level of tech knowledge.

According to a study conducted by the PWC, both large and small enterprises have witnessed a dramatic increase in online security breaches, with over 80% experiencing some form of attack. Considering that the average cost of a hack geared toward an enterprise with 500 employees is said to add up to approx. $3.5 mil, the amount of revenue that could be potentially saved by the implementation of Fortknoxster is highly substantial.

Current encryption services employ a centralized model where one single party is responsible for the protection of data. Although this data may be stored and encrypted anonymously, without being leveraged, it still poses a high security risk as any hacker seeking to gain access to such data can do so by attacking a single entity.

Creating a peer-to-peer platform built upon blockchain technology decentralizes trust and puts it in the hands of an anonymous digital identity owned by the user. This transparent and immutable ledger cannot be amended and thus users identities cannot be compromised.

The platform also allows security responsibilities to spread across multiple different users, or nodes, on the network. In doing so, any hackers wishing to gain access to data would need to simultaneously attack multiple systems to breach security and unmask sensitive data.

How does Fortknoxster work?

Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, Fortknoxster uses smart contracts to automatically facilitate transactions of subscription services and issue rewards for those who participate in maintaining the platform.

It uses a combination of RSA key-pairs, two sets of elliptic curve (EC) key-pairs and 6 Key Protector(s) (one per private key) in the client’s browser, to provide a level security unmatched by any other service. These keys encrypt protocols and services on the network, each of which requires both encryption and decryption keys-pairs. Passwords are encrypted using cryptographic hashing that stretches the keys over 10,000 times to create extremely strong strings of characters.

All encryption happens on the users devices, and any sensitive data that is sent through the Fortknoxster’s servers is done so in an encrypted key container.

Through its highly secure encryption FortKnoxtster offers a safe way to communicate with others. The systems features enable secure communications in the form of:

Email Inboxes

All mails sent using Fortknoxster are encrypted end-to-end.

Distributed File Storage

Data sorted on servers in the cloud is done so with encryption.


Fortknoxster’s encryption also protects any communications sent via chat. This includes one-on-one chats, voice messages, group chats and more.


Voice calls are encrypted to prevent snooping from external surveillance.

Group Calls and Conference

Conference calls, as well as file sharing are also encrypted.

Screen Sharing

An additional tool designed to assist with collaboration, screen sharing can be done in a safe and secure manner.

Intuitive Dashboard

All the platform’s features and encryption tools are easily viewable and accessible view the dashboard GUI; available for desktops and mobile devices on iOS, Windows, Android and Linux.

The platform requires a large amount of cloud storage to operate, which will be provided by the users themselves via IFPS on the peer-to-peer network. Users will be able to rent out the space on their hard drives and receive FKX tokens in return.

Any user can become a storage miner. All that’s required it to install the software, available for Mac, Windows and Linux, provide an ERC20 token wallet address to receive payments, and then select how much disk space is to be allocated.

Users may also earn reward for other actions such as referring other users to the platform, continuous use of services, and for reporting bugs and/or other issues that might arise.

FKX Token

All services on the Fortknoxster platform will be purchases using the ERC20, FKX token. A fixed amount of 135 mil tokens will be created, 89.25 of which will be sold during the crowd sale, scheduled to end 18th March.