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Football Stars who chose to be ICO Football Ambassadors

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With the recent surge of Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, competition has become stiff among companies concentrating on the same niche. Therefore celebrities have become a secret weapon, to companies that can afford them, to turn the market to their favor.

Celebrity endorsement can go a long way in boosting a brands global profile. In the recent past, there have been a few football stars fronting ICO ad campaigns. In this post, we shall explore four famous football stars that have come in handy as ICO ambassadors.

So, let’s delve in and explore:

1. Luis Figo for STRYKZ

From Left to Right: Luis Figo, Dirk Weyel (Strykz CEO)
“When I heard about Football-Stars for the first time I immediately liked the idea. Football becomes more and more data-driven with detailed statistics about all aspects of the game-this is what Stryking’s platform utilizes to create a compelling fan experience. I am happy to support the experienced team at Stryking and spread the word about their platform that allows fans to engage with the teams and players they are backing.”

said, the football legend, Luis Figo after he agreed to endorse the Stryking Entertainment Football-star by becoming its Initial Coin Offering brand ambassador.

Luis Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo is a Portuguese world-class football veteran with great achievements in the football arena that include, winning the 2000 Ballon d’Or and the 2001 FIFA World Player of the Year. He also assisted his team win coveted titles such as the UEFA Champions League, Italian Champion and Cup, Spanish Champion and Cup and Portuguese Cup.

Football-Stars is Stryking’s very own fantasy football platform. The users have to assemble a line-up from the real player and depending on the real matches, they will get points for it. In contrast to other ICOs, the Football-Stars platform is already live having been launched into the 2017/18 season together with kicker, Germany’s biggest football magazine.

The STRYKZ token will be introduced to Football-Stars to be used to encourage interaction of the community in Football-Stars. Users will be able to engage the football community, play challenges and start discussions that lead to a token reward. For example, a user gets rewarded every time he/she writes about football, and it triggers a discussion in the community. The reward system is therefore guaranteed by how active and influential a user is on the platform. The platform is also aiming to collaborate with other partners willing to accept its token for special football experience and products.

2. Ronaldhino Gaucho for SportyFi

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

Ronaldhino’s tweet, dated 8th December 2017, had this to say about SportyFi, therefore proving that Ronaldhino was among the many impressive supporters and endorsers of SpotyFi.

“Excellent idea and a wonderful project- a platform to connect young athletes and investors, helping them fulfil their sports potential. The token sale is going on right now, so check out the idea and support it!”

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira better known as Ronaldhino is a world-class Brazilian footballer who is also FC Barcelona legend. He has won the FIFA World Player of the Year award twice and the Ballon d’Or. He also assisted Barcelona to win the UEFA Champions League, which was their first in fourteen years, La Liga titles and many other achievements in the football world. Another Brazilian football legend supporting this company is Roberto Carlos.

SportyFi, which is currently known as SportyCo, aims to create a platform where you can use its cryptocurrency to invest in athletes from whichever sport, be it football or basketball, across the world. Therefore it connects investors with athletes. You can also help a struggling athlete showing potential with financial backing through the platform.

SportyFi changed its name to SportyCo to create a more individual personality so as not to be confused with Spotify a music streaming platform.

3. Lionel Messi for Sirin Labs

From Left to Right: Moshe Hogeg (Founder & Co-CEO Sirin Labs), Lionel Messi

In Messi’s Facebook post, dated 7th December 2017, he said,

“I am usually busy trying to decentralize defenses and after digging deeper into Blockchain and decentralized systems, I’m excited to join SIRIN LABS as an ambassador to make Blockchain friendlier with their upcoming operation for smartphones! Check out #Ethereum #IOTA #Bancor.”

And on the same day Moshe Hogeg, the founder and CEO of SIRIN LABS confirmed Messi’s facebook post by stating on his Twitter account that,

Messi is joining the Blockchain revolution as @SIRINLABS ambassador! Crazy fun times Big honor for us to partner with him.”

Lionel Messi is an Argentinian football player currently playing for FC Barcelona. Among his impressive achievements in the football world and still counting are a record five Ballon d’Or awards, four of which he won consecutively and another five European Golden shoes. Messi has played for Barcelona throughout his entire professional career, now that is loyalty, winning 32 trophies, including four UEFA Champions League titles, nine La Liga titles and six Copas del Rey.

SIRIN LAB prides itself on secure open source consumer electronics connecting the Blockchain economy with market consumers. The company already has devised the first Blockchain-enabled and cyber-protected gadgets known as FINNEY. These devices, smartphones and PC’s, were designed to support internal Blockchain applications that include, secure exchange access, crypto wallet, encrypted communications and person-to-person resource sharing ecosystem for apps and payment supported by the SRN token.

4. Michael Owen for GCOX

From Left to Right: Dr Jeffrey Lin (CEO GCOX), Michael Owen

Michael Owen is yet another football star who has joined Blockchain industry. At Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) Michael Own is a celebrity, private investor and member of GCOX Board of Advisors. Therefore he is not just the face of the platform but is also involved in the workings of the platform.

Michael James Owen is an English former footballer who has played for Liverpool, Manchester United, and Newcastle United, Stoke City, Real Madrid and even England’s national team. In 2001 while playing for Liverpool, the team won a cup treble of the FA Cup, UEFA Cup and Football League Cup. In the same year, Owen also won the Ballon de Or.

Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) is the world’s first platform to allow celebrities to create and list their own Celebrity Tokens. Fans will use the Celebrity Tokens to redeem merchandise, exclusive content and personalize interaction with their favorite stars. Celebrities will also have the option of exchanging the tokens for Bitcoin or Ether before cashing out at the prevailing market rate.

GCOX co-founder and CEO, Sir Dr Jeffery Lin said,

“GCOX plans to increase the adoption and acceptance of Blockchain technology and crypto tokens through the involvement of celebrities. With new social interaction platforms built on GCOX’s own Acclaim Blockchain, investor and fans will have unparalleled access to their favorite stars. Celebrities will also have the opportunity for increased engagement with their fans, further extending their reach and expanding their popularity.”

Final Word

Celebrities are proving to be the game changers in the ever-growing Blockchain industry. Considering the number of companies competing for customers in the same niche, new avenues of beating the competition have to be devised. And in this case, celebrities with recommendable influence work.

And even though some of the celebrities are not cheap to work with their demand keeps growing as Blockchain reach increases in the market. Some celebrities are not just being used as poster boys and girls. For example, Michael Owen is already investing in the Blockchain. Luis Figo is also doing a great job at STRYKZ.

Evidently, there is a huge potential on the Blockchain technology, and more discoveries are on the way that promises to revolutionize industries and introduce a new era of conducting business just as the internet did.

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