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Following your Dreams is like Jumping off the Proverbial Cliff

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@readersam71Sam Reader

We set out to create WONDR in July 2016, but our thoughts and planning were in motion well before that.

What is now called WONDR, had been a passion project of mine for over 2 and a half years, before turning it into a business with the help of my Co-Founder.

The vision has always been to help people capture insights and key learnings around their interests and encourage them to do more of what they love. However, going after your passions and interests isn’t always easy — I know that first hand.

But now we’re finally on the road (Albeit, only just in first gear)!

Getting to this point has been a bit like preparing for a holiday, but you’re no longer the child who gets to just enjoy the journey; you’re now the parent who has to:

  • Manage the budget
  • Organise the logistics
  • Prepare for the ‘unforeseen’ — 
    a tyre blow out, a flight delay, a drunk who mistakes your log cabin for theirs (As a child, I vividly remember this happening to our family. Think Wolf of Wall Street meets Centre Parcs 👀)
  • Be diligent — show care, make sure nothing’s forgotten and be responsible
  • Above all else, protect the ‘family’ and keep them happy

Holidays for ‘parents’ are notoriously anxious and stressful but the end result is usually worth all the pain and effort and I for one am looking forward to the rollercoaster of a lifetime!

Building our wings on the way down

As you may be aware, we’ve started to send out our invitations to all the wonderful people who’ve signed up already and joined our waiting list 😀 — thank you!

The reason we’ve limited the amount of people that have access to WONDR is primarily because we want to give you our time and full attention. We want to listen to your thoughts, opinions, frustrations and ways we can improve the platform.

Without you there’s no us

After-all, everything we aim to do, is to help you remove the frustrations you have with learning online and to assist you in pursuing your ambitions. Quite simply, without you there is no us.

Follow your hopes and dreams

You may have heard a quote that goes:

“You have to jump off the cliff, and build your wings on the way down.”

For anyone wanting to go after their hopes and dreams in life, this is most likely going to apply to you (metaphorically of course!).

But don’t be afraid.

There is never a perfect time to do anything, there is only the now and the present opportunity you have. And the idea that there’s only ever one opportunity is a fallacy. Opportunities present themselves all the time and you can create most of them.

However, when you decide to take your opportunity - commit to it and remain consistent in it.

Take us for instance, you’ll find that there are many things we need to improve on WONDR, we’re certain of that, but as with every endeavour in life, all we can do is strive to learn, to improve and to be better.

And so, I ask that you place your trust and support in us as we go after our hopes and dreams, which interestingly enough, are probably directly related to helping you go after yours. 😇

If you’d like to ask or discuss anything with us, please email me at or join us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to talk further.


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