Hackernoon logoFlamelink, the CMS for Firebase you’ve been searching for, is here. by@jasonmsaidwhat

Flamelink, the CMS for Firebase you’ve been searching for, is here.

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@jasonmsaidwhatJason Mill

Marketing Lead at Flamelink.io, the Firebase CMS


My name’s Jason. I work for a startup that’s built a pretty cool product called Flamelink, an easy-to-use, content-centric CMS that seamlessly integrate with Google’s Firebase.

Check out our explainer video for a quick rundown of Flamelink:

Here’s the thing. I’m not a Firebase user. If I’m honest, that’s probably because I’m not a technical guy. If I’m being even more honest, it’s probably the only reason.

The thing is, our team loves working with Firebase. It’s safe, secure, and fast. But most importantly, it’s backed by Google as its solution for Developers. It was while using Firebase to build one of our projects that we found the lack of an interface to add and manage content quite frustrating. Guys like me, who shouldn’t be let anywhere near any code, would need to change this price, swop out that image, or rework some single line of copy. So I had to pester our Developers to drop what they were doing to make the changes. This usually involved screaming, tears and a bribe of some sorts.

There had to be a simpler way than this?

Enter Flamelink. The easy-to-use CMS built specifically to integrate with Firebase. Our Developers can continue doing what they do best — write white-hot code, leaving the useful Flamelink interface to help Content Managers (aka non-techies like me) to add and manage their content.

Well? Do you?

Flamelink’s Features

While building a project on Firebase, we figured out what some of the most useful features for a Flamelink CMS would be. So we built these amazing features to fully harness the power of the Firebase engine.

Side note: The Devs sent me a list of features and I had to figure out what they were supposed to do. At 3AM. After too much coffee. If you’re a Developer, you’ll actually know how helpful these features are. If not, enjoy the ride as I figure out what these features do…


With more flexibility than my Mom’s Thursday morning Yoga class, Flamelink allows you to create your own content types.

Flamelink’s slick drag-and-drop content builder.


More relational than that weird Aunt over the holidays. You know which one I’m talking about. But also to reference Data from different content types.


To make it easier for Developers and Coders to work, together.

UPDATE: To make it easier for Developers and Coders to work with content.

Sorry I got that wrong... My bad…


Upload any file type, automatically resize your images, create folders to keep tabs on your media — all seamlessly integrated with Firebase Storage buckets.


You know how some folks like me shouldn't be given free reign to fiddle and tweak stuff in the backend? Well, User Management helps to prevent that from happening. You can thank us later.


Our slick interface allows you to create Multiple Menus with a Drag and Drop Menu Builder, add Custom classes and sortable hierarchy with sub menus.


Flamelink has been built to effortlessly tap into the power of the Firebase engine.

  • All your content is stored within the Firebase real-time database
  • All your media is stored within the Firebase storage buckets
  • User management integrates with Authentication services of Firebase
  • Menus are stored as data in the Firebase database

A little sneak peek of upcoming post-launch Flamelink Features.

We really wanted to build a robust, feature rich and future proof solution. So we put a few features on the back-burner, so we’re jumping onto these now that we’ve launched Flamelink. These features include:

  • Multi-language support to allow you to use multiple languages for your projects
  • Multi-environment so you have a Production and Staging environment to test your changes before pushing it to your live project.
  • Backups (Currently you can turn on backups with Google Firebase — this is a paid feature)
  • User control settings (image sizes etc)
  • Additional Content Type fields to help you add the content you need.

Try Flamelink for Free

Get started with Flamelink for free so you can check out all of its amazing features, and how these can benefit you and all your Firebase projects. Visit https://flamelink.io/ for more information. You can jump straight in and hook up one of your Firebase projects to see just how simple adding and managing content via our slick interface can be.

Flamelink launched a Beta version on the 31st of October 2017.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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