Five (5) Reasons We Raised Using ETH Despite Plans to Integrate on Neblio

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@sanje.witterSanjé Witter

Potion Owl’s official announcement to raise funds to integrate on the Neblio Network was made less than twenty-four (24) hours ago.

As many Nebl holders have made suggestions regarding our method of fund raising. We shall declare our intentions with more clarity. During the pre-ico we are only accepting Eth & Kickcoin but this will not be the case for the ico. We shall accept Nebl during the ico. Below are five points that support our line of thought for raising in Eth during the pre-ico.

  1. Precautionary measure— There has been much skepticism surrounding icos. We chose Kickico for two reasons: They are a Blockchain company and we wanted to support a project within the space for our pre-ico. They only accept Eth and Kickcoin. Additionally, projects are placed under scrutiny before making it to the main campaign. In doing so, we are reassuring investors about our intentions.
  2. Awareness — The Ethereum Community is large and we wanted to bring additional investors to the Neblio Community through our campaign by raising funds using Eth. In doing so, the benefits are two-fold: 1. The Neblio Community will grow. 2. It will attract other companies/start-ups/projects should they see that we were successful.
  3. Outreach — As the team is constantly working on development and partnerships in preparation for post ico. We have made presentations to several organizations. One of which included the World Bank. The Healthcare representatives for the Caribbean were familiar with the big two: Bitcoin and Ethereum but not with Neblio. We had to spend quality time explaining the advantages of Neblio. In fact, when we did they were impressed with the possibilities and offered us the chance to address healthcare issues with funding allocated for Latin America as they were currently focusing on Renewable Energy projects within the Caribbean. We politely declined as this was not in sync with our timeline and road map but we left the door open for discussions within 2019 as we should be poised to enter that market within Q4 should all go well. They encouraged us to at least do the pre-ico in BTC/ETH and we obliged based on the points they made during our discussion regarding popularity, access, etc.
  4. Availablity — Neblio is currently available on five (5) exchanges of which only two (2) are in the top 30. Ethereum is easier to access and as such we wanted to ensure that we accommodate as wide a community as possible.
  5. Glass Ceiling — We’ve listed on an estimated 12 ico websites thus far including ICObench and Coinhills. Many of them did not have an option for ‘Neblio’s platform’ so much so that on several listings we had to ask them to change the platform from Ethereum to Neblio on multiple occasions.

This is the pre-ico phase and as such we wanted to build trust with interested investors. Thus far, we have measured each step thoroughly. We do not want to over promise and under deliver. Should we have a successful pre-ico. We shall be accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC and NEBL for the ico. This was already planned from our previous discussions with Eddy Smith (Co-founder and Lead developer for Nebl) who suggested that we do so. We hope that our explanation was thorough and that you support Potion Owl’s vision to make healthcare services accessible — anytime, anywhere.

You may reach out to us via our Telegram channel with any further questions or suggestions.



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