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Find Your Way to a New Job — Tradeschool or Community College?

A shocking number of students go to college for the wrong reasons. Nearly a quarter of high school students go to college because it’s what other expect of them, and even more choose a four-year degree because it’s the natural next step after high school. While there are a few career paths that require a bachelor’s degree, a trade school degree could get you similar earning potential at a fraction of the cost.

On average, a bachelor’s degree from an in-state school costs nearly $40,000, but an associate’s degree costs just over $7,000. After 10 years, someone with a trade school certificate can make nearly the same salary as college-grad, without the mountain of debt.

Nearly half of college grads end up working in a field that doesn’t require a degree. At the same time, the fastest growing careers in the U.S. are for skilled labor: health workers, repairmen, massage therapists, pet caregivers, and alternative energy technicians. These jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree, but will require some trade skills. There are even many tech jobs that only require certificates, which can be easier to obtain than a four year degree.

If you’re looking to launch your career, consider a trade school or associate’s degree, in the end it might pay off. Check out this infographic for more:

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