Fight of The Ages is an AR-Enabled MOBA Experience and it's Coming Soon by@fota

Fight of The Ages is an AR-Enabled MOBA Experience and it's Coming Soon

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Fight Of The Ages

A AAA Metaverse Gaming project which is under the Hybrid of MOBA-RPG and integrated with MicrosoftMesh (MR) Technology.

The last few months have witnessed an explosion of interest in the metaverse. Companies as diverse as Nvidia, Apple, and Niantic are all throwing themselves headlong at developing the technology to make it a reality. Facebook even rebranded itself as Meta, in a nod to its future ambition to dominate the metaverse.

But much of what's developed so far amounts to little more than vague promises of immersive experiences to come. There's been a distinct lack of any tangible products that demonstrate how powerful a concept the metaverse is. But that's about to change.

We here at Fight Of The Ages are working on a new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that blends NFT technology, GameFi mechanics, and mixed reality into an all-new multiverse experience. And players should get their first look at it in less than two months. If that piqued your interest, read on – here's everything you need to know about our project.

What is Fight Of The Ages?

Fight Of The Ages is a new AAA game we're building that sits at the crossroads of a variety of exciting new gaming technologies. The game itself relies on the Unity 3D engine to deliver a hyper-realistic game world that will form the basis of our metaverse. And because we're committed to delivering a groundbreaking experience to the widest possible audience, it will be available on every major platform – including Android, iOS, WebGL (Browsers), Windows, and macOS. In other words, our metaverse will be accessible by anyone, anywhere, and on every platform.

NFT Technology in Fight Of The Ages

To begin with, we're making NFTs central to the game as a way of giving players ownership over all of their hard-won in-game assets. But unlike other NFT games, we're also giving players the ultimate form of control over those assets. To that end, players can buy and sell their heroes, items, and skins on our marketplace platform – but that's not all.

We're also introducing a brand new concept in GameFi mechanics that we call rent-to-play. It means that owners of game assets can monetize all of their hard work in the game by listing their assets on the marketplace for other players to rent. So, for example, a new player who doesn't want to invest too much time or money into overcoming campaign events can simply rent the items they need to succeed from other players who've already done the work to level up.

The resulting system will make the game into an economic engine the likes of which crypto gamers haven't seen before. But the in-game economics is just the beginning. The game itself has so much to offer that it's certain to draw in traditional gamers, too.

The Primary Game Mechanics in Fight Of The Ages

Inside the game, there's no shortage of things for players to do. To start with, there's a campaign mode available to all players, that will allow them to explore the vast game world we're creating. The campaign mode will begin with The Unity Saga stage, which will introduce players to three distinct parts of the world.

Those parts are The Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare – and they'll get to explore them through more than 30 levels of quest-driven gameplay. And to add to those, we'll be adding monthly warrior quests and seasonal quests that challenge players to improve their rankings and earn our in-game currency, FOTA tokens.

Beyond the campaign mode, Fight Of The Ages will also feature a player-versus-player battle arena where players can fight to level up and earn FOTA tokens. The system will use an algorithm-based matching system to keep fights fair and to give everyone a chance to hone their skills against players of their own level.

The same rules apply to the arena's duel mode, where players can control teams of multiple heroes to test their skills against other players' teams. But in duel mode, it's also possible to challenge other players directly – regardless of their level. That means players can seek out tougher competition by choice as a way of sharpening their skills if they wish.

A Real Immersive Game Experience

Although Fight Of The Ages' gameplay and economy are exciting, we have yet to even discuss what is surely the most exciting part of the game. It's that we're building everything you've read about with an eye toward compatibility with Microsoft Mesh. That means players will soon have the option of experiencing our metaverse using Microsoft's industry-leading augmented reality (AR) system Hololens or the VR headset of their choice.

And, because Microsoft Mesh is built for cross-platform compatibility, it gives us the option to extend our AR gaming experience to all users. For example, mobile users can experience AR-enabled battles using their device's screen and camera, and desktop users can still access our metaverse through the game's Mesh-enabled app.

Coming Soon to a Device Near You

The best part of all of this is the fact that it's not just theoretical. We're already building it and expect to have an Alpha version available on iOS, Android, and PC by February of 2022. And around the same time, we'll also be holding an IDO to allow our community to claim a part of the project for themselves. By then, it should be obvious to all that we're building a metaverse that's more than just talk. It'll be a leading-edge gaming experience that will demonstrate how powerful the medium can be – and a statement to gamers everywhere that the metaverse is very real and just as amazing as all of the media hype is making it out to be.

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by Fight Of The Ages @fota.A AAA Metaverse Gaming project which is under the Hybrid of MOBA-RPG and integrated with MicrosoftMesh (MR) Technology.
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