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Fattmerchant Founders’ Tips To Promote Company Culture During The Holidays

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The end of Halloween marks the beginning of something much scarier: the holiday season. This should be the cherry on top when it comes to our year, right?However, for most business owners this is when we notice that even though ‘business is booming’ our employees’ moods, stress-levels, and work-life-balances are not.

This is where company culture comes into play! Forbes defines company culture as “something that is pre-existing within a company’s genetic make-up and resembling the founder’s vision, values, and assumptions”. One of the most important things when trying to attract top talent is whether or not this team and company are mutually beneficial for each other in the aspect of the company’s culture.

From all of us here at Fattmerchant we would like to provide you with some fun ways to promote good company culture during the holiday season. The Fattmerchant founders are always trying out fun and interesting ideas to bring us together as a team — so hopefully you can implement some of their ideas as well!

Office Chili Cook-Off

The temperature is dropping and, in turn, office moral and mood alongside it. A way to provide a solution to both of these concerns is a Chili Cook-Off. Have each willing participant bring in a pot of their home-made chili and the rest of the office vote on their favorites. This brings the office together, raises their mood, and might possibly help with the the dropping temperatures as well.

Community Involvement

If your office is anything like ours here at Fattmerchant, you probably have a city with a buzzing community just waiting to be engaged. Take your team and try getting involved with the community. Choose a local charity, such as a shelter or pantry, or set up a clean-up campaign for a well-known park or lake. These activities will help the community, give your firm a good name, and help improve your company’s sense of team.

In Office Competition

During the holiday season sometimes business can slow down or quotas may seem harder to reach. A creative way to solve this issue and boost office moral would be to hold an in-office competition with an end incentive for the winning team or individual. This will make the office strive to do their best and win the prize while also bringing up overall company performance.

Emphasize work-life balance

With the holiday season approaching fast it may be a good idea to solve a problem before it occurs. Your employees are going to have extra shopping, cleaning, cooking, and possibly traveling to do before the actual holiday arrives. So why not offer more flexible scheduling and possibly a chance to leave early on Fridays so they can get what they need to get done. The majority of workers say proper work-life balance, telecommuting, and some flexibility has a positive impact on happiness and health, and in the end will promote productivity and quality of work in the office.

From all of us here at Fattmerchant we hope you have a great holiday season!


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