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Facebook's Next Step: An AR-Powered Wristband

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Facebook, very recently, announced its ten-year vision on creating a pair of AR (augmented reality) glasses. Just after a week of this announcement, they also revealed their thoughts about launching an AR-based wristband that will transmit neural signals and enable digital communication. 

Now, what does this mean?

It means that the gadget will enable you to browse through menus based on AR technology while you are just thinking about searching for something or clicking on a link.

It would use EMG to transcribe the signals of your nerves to allow you to command the device with even the smallest wrist or finger gesture. 

But, before proceeding onto the possibilities of why FB decided to adopt this technology, let us talk a bit about AR and how it can help. 

Augmented Reality Remodeling The Physical Reality!


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Augmented reality, at this point, needs no introduction. You can basically call it the cousin of virtual reality! However, it is much simpler than VR and does not involve complex out-of-the-reach gadgets. It can be made accessible with simple devices like smartphones, tablets, and in this case wristbands, etc. 

The main aspect of designing is the visual element. When the development of websites and apps was still in its infancy, the user experience of products or services was mostly conceptualized and constructed by sketching and remodeling Computer-aided design (CAD). The designers are experts in taking advantage of such tools and come up with fantastic 3D structures and content. But, these concepts get detached from the reality on paper or the computer screen from the physical world. 

The concept of augmented reality helps us to take our imagination from behind the screen and project it on the physical world at full dimensions. We can then get in the frame with that object, communicate and click pictures or videos to get that feel, you know?

Our imaginations will be enhanced with this technology and the fun part is that you do not need exceptionally expensive devices or equipment to experience this. 

It is something to be able to see your design come to life and then see it in its substantial background of use. We have seen really concrete advantages of Augmented Reality-based designs which helps us to evaluate the alternatives of any concept. 

Every company wants to deliver a personalized and unique experience to its consumers. Augmented reality makes this process a lot easier with infinite possibilities to provide each customer with exclusive experiences every single time.

It gives you a chance to build something extraordinary that will sit right with your consumers. They will find it more interactive and engaging. Every single person notices efforts and when a brand puts efforts into every customer, they notice and the possibility of ROI becomes more. 

Augmented reality has influenced everyone greatly for the past few years. But, yet this technology is seemingly new because of its constant evolution and advancements. That is why businesses find this technology more profitable and try to incorporate it into their structure. 

This technology helps in gaining better traction from the customers as it promises them an exclusive experience. The current generation looks for uniqueness and convenience and that is why AR is a great choice. If you want your business to lead the industry, then this is the one you should go for. 

The Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question: What Is Facebook’s Motive Behind Launching The AR Wristband?


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Facebook is currently venturing deep into computer-human interaction and wants to see what the next era of this interaction has in store for us. 

Well, according to them, the next generation of computer-human communication wants a noteworthy convenient, trusty, and absolutely confidential interface that helps us stay present in the physical world every moment.

It is not easy to develop such an interface and needs a lot of innovation and work to become the main mode of communication with the virtual world. The concept behind this is very interesting and if it works, then this will be it! 

But, the question is why are they using the wrist for this when there are a lot more sources of input available.

Well, voice is inherent but it is not confidential due to the presence of extra noises and not reliable enough for the public circle. 

A distinct gadget that you can carry with you like a phone, adds an extra layer of agitation between you and your surroundings. Thus, they claimed to have explored various possibilities, and developing a wrist band became the undimmed solution. 

We normally use the wrist to wear watches which makes it possible to have the band on for everyday purposes just like a smartwatch. It is neither uncomfortable nor too gaudy and would perfectly go with your normal life anywhere and everywhere. 

Your hands are the most fundamental mode of interaction with the world and having a device that sits right next to it and is able to read the signs of your nerves is something extravagant.

It enables them to deliver the luxe control potentials of the hands in the direction through AR that allows instinctive, satisfying, and powerful communication. 

This will also be very beneficial for the company as we as a generation are too invested in technology that makes our whole life convenient and efficient. 

Wrapping Up

It is indeed a treat to see what technology can do and what it will do in the upcoming years. The idea of building a computer platform that is truly in all senses human-centric is beyond prodigious and will bring along massive opportunities for everyone.

If you want to know about more such technologies and stay updated with the latest news of the tech world, then keep an eye out on my website, Klizo Solutions. We work with cutting-edge technology and make sure to stay in touch with the latest pieces in the industry. 


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